Your Guide to Thank You Gifts for all Occasions

It’s polite etiquette to buy the host of a party – be it an engagement soiree or a baby shower – a gift post the event.

This thank you gift signifies your gratitude and is a welcome present to even the most sophisticated of hosts.

Dinner parties

From corporate dos to family events and friends’ dinner parties – regardless of whether they’re low key or OTT – all deserve a gift. After all, the host has most likely provided you with welcome drinks, appetizers, canapés, and a three-course meal. In fact, they probably spent the majority of the day slaving over the stove before welcoming you into their home. With this in mind, purchasing them a little thank you gift after the event is a great idea. This can be anything from a bottle of wine to a bouquet of beautiful flowers. You may even wish to return the favor and put on a spread yourself! Alternatively, send your host a personalized hamper filled with decadent treats.


If you’ve recently returned from an extravagant birthday party, complete with DJ, photographer, dinner and cocktails, it’s highly likely your host put a lot of time and effort into arranging the event in question. From hiring the venue to choosing the drinks and music for the evening, planning a top-notch party (especially one for a great number of guests) can take many weeks.

Buying your host a little something is a great way to let him or her know the time and effort put into planning the event was all worth it. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, a thank you card is a great idea. As a general rule, you should aim to send the card 7-10 days after the event has taken place.

Engagement parties

Today’s engagement parties are often as big and fanciful as weddings. Many hire venues, caterers and entertainment, and some even give out favors themselves. To show your host how much you appreciate all of their hard work, gifting them with a present that shows just how much fun you had, why not gift them a framed photograph from the evening or something similar to remember it by.


We all know how long it takes to plan and save for a wedding – more often than not, the bride and groom will spend a minimum of a year putting a plan in place for their big day! As well as gifting them with an item from their wedding gift list, sending them a handwritten letter post the event, complete with photographs from the evening, is a personal way to let them know how much you enjoyed the occasion. It also gives you the chance to wish them well for the future!

Alternatively, if you know where they’re spending their honeymoon, request a bottle of champagne to be sent to their room on their arrival, or book them in for a relaxing spa day or something else that they can enjoy.

Baby Shower

Celebrating the expected arrival of a newborn is an extremely special occasion. In the excitement of the party, you may not get a chance to properly thank the ‘mum to be’ for her hospitality. To inform her of your gratitude, simply send a gift post the event.

A beautiful printed ‘Thank You’ scented candle, fragranced with essential oils is an ideal gift for a new mum as it’s highly likely she’ll welcome a relaxing moment to herself every now and again. Another great idea is a pamper hamper, filled with sweet smelling bath salts, lotions, and potions.

An art exhibition

Whether it’s through a friend or an acquaintance, if you’ve been invited to the private showing of an art exhibition, you can guarantee that a great deal of behind the scenes work has gone into planning this evening. From hanging the paintings to offering champagne on arrival and canapés throughout the evening, you’ll certainly be well looked after from start to finish. Show your host just how much you enjoyed yourself by sending them an artfully put together bouquet of flowers. has a wide selection to choose from, including tropical and traditional styles.

If you have any other fantastic ‘thank you’ ideas we’d love to hear from you – that way we can share them with the world…


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