Do Women ever Buy Flowers for Men?

How many bouquets of flowers do you think you have received in your lifetime? Now think back, how many bouquets of flowers have you sent to your boyfriend, husband or dad? We bet you didn’t have to think too hard on that one as the answer was most probably none!

Some ladies have suggested that flowers are associated with femininity so they don’t want to emasculate or insult their men by giving them what is viewed as a ‘girly’ gift. Others feel that maybe men wouldn’t appreciate such a symbolic gift and would prefer something literal and useful.

Well, we dare you to throw gender stereotypes out of the window and send your man a bunch of flowers at the next available opportunity!

Flowers for men – go for masculine blooms

Times have changed and while it would have seemed ludicrous to give flowers to any man even two decades ago, anything goes nowadays. We live in a world where men proudly walk into spas and put the MAN in manicure, so push convention to one side and be the flower giver for once in your life.

You will most likely shock your man but we assure you that you will bring a smile to his face as well. So here’s how to do it. The trick is to pick a ‘manly’ set of blooms for your mister; so stay away from pastels and go for something that links him to nature and that he can call his own.

Try a cactus or a bonsai plant. If you’re confident a posy won’t make him go rosy, why not try an assortment of exotic flowers? Flowers like orchids, birds of Paradise and miniature calla lilies are colorful, exquisite and different and he’ll love your originality. You can find a great range of varied flowers with Serenata Flowers so you’re sure to find something suitable for your man.

Delivery etiquette

Another thing to keep in mind when giving flowers to a man is how you do it. Don’t, for example, have them delivered to his place of work if he works on a building site! Having them at home to surprise him is a far safer option and he can always tell his friends or colleagues about your thoughtful gift if he chooses.

If you know he will be at home on a certain day you can even arrange to have them delivered to him while he is there. He will be touched and you will have secured your position as the most thoughtfully – not to mention unconventional – wife or girlfriend ever.

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