What Flowers are Appropriate for Retirement?

Retirement is a time most people look forward to. It’s often a time to plan adventures, buy property – especially a holiday home – or learn a new skill. In other words, it’s their time to enjoy life! Whether it’s a parent, an uncle, a friend, or a colleague, you’ll want to join in celebrating this momentous occasion by gifting them a beautiful bouquet of blooms. Flowers are guaranteed to make the occasion that little more special, and small or large, classic or contemporary, there is a bunch to suit all tastes.

How to send retirement flowers

When it comes to sending flowers to someone who has just announced their retirement, there are many ways to do so. You can either hand-deliver them or alternatively, you may want to order them online and have them delivered by courier directly to their door or place of work. The latter option is a great choice for those who live in another town or city to the person who is retiring or those who wish to give brighten up the office before giving them a huge send-off.

What type of flower is appropriate for retirement?

Unlike weddings or funerals, there isn’t an exact bloom suited to retirement. It comes down to the individual’s tastes, such as their favoured hue, preferred flower, or even something that matches the colours of their favourite sports team – all of these factors will help you to determine your choice. The best part is that they can be delivered directly to the door of the individual with a personalized message. If you’re unsure of which flowers to choose, look to an online florist for inspiration. They will likely have a variety of retirement flowers to choose from, including overly bright and bold options, as well as low key, sophisticated styles. You may even want to match your blooms to the style and décor of the recipient’s home.

Types of retirement flowers

When it comes to retirement flowers for men compared to women, it is wise to consider the individual. Men tend to prefer something a little more masculine in style, in muted hues or stronger, deeper shades. Women on the other hand enjoy blooms that are delicate in style, often in pastel shades, or if gifting someone with eclectic style, tropical blooms in hot hues. Try to find out more about the individual’s tastes before purchasing the flowers or look to online florists for inspiration. Many florists have categories tailored to occasions, including retirement. It’s often a good idea to look to those offering more bespoke or extravagant options too, after all, it is a milestone of a celebration!

Potted plant options

If you’re looking for a retirement gift that promises to last that little bit longer, opt for a potted plant instead of cut flowers. If it’s a popular choice, it may even spur on an interest in gardening as it is something that many get into when they retire. Choose a plant that is suited to the individual’s planting preferences and also their accommodation. For example, if they reside in a smaller apartment that doesn’t offer an outdoor area, you’ll need to select a plant that is able to tolerate low light levels. However, if they have a garden, why not buy them something bigger than they can eventually transfer outside.

When to send retirement flowers and gifts

When it comes to sending retirement flowers, there isn’t an exact time scale to stick by. You can either send them to the retiree’s place of work to arrive before their last day or send them to their home in the days and weeks after their retirement. Remember to add a note to the flowers you choose, so the recipient will know who the bouquet is from and exactly why it has been sent.

What blooms to avoid

Consider the blooms you wish to send and do a little research, especially if you don’t want to give off mixed messages. For example, unless you are sending retirement blooms to your wife or partner, it’s a good idea to avoid red roses, as these are symbolic of romance. Many other flowers carry certain symbolic meanings too, so it’s worth conducting a quick online search before you purchase, as this way you’ll avoid sending blooms that may offend or confuse the recipient.

Add a little extra (or maybe a big extra)!

As well as sending retirement flowers, you may wish to add an extra gift as well, such as a bottle of bubbles, fine wine, a box of delectable chocolates, helium balloons brandishing the words ‘congratulations’ or a hamper! All will add that extra something special to a bouquet of beautiful flowers. If you’re still stuck for ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration at online florists.

Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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