What Does your Wine Preference Say about You?

Let’s face it, whether you’re a professional or a university student, life always looks that little bit better with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand.

And well, nothing looks more elegant than a glass of white or red – or even rose if you’re feeling particularly fruity.

So it’s of no surprise that fine wine hampers are selling out like hotcakes, especially as it’s thought your wine preference actually reflects your personality; so what does yours say about you?

If you love: Cabernet Sauvignon

You just love a juicy steak on a Friday night, followed by a glass of wine of course! Always direct, assertive and to the point, you’re great at commanding discussion and love your voice to be heard.

Just like Angelina Jolie, you only get better with age and have a passion for the old classics.

If you love: Merlot

Just as Merlot is associated with being easy to drink, you’re easy to get along with and are often found in big groups of friends, while being fabulous in intimate gatherings. You’re a delightful dinner companion and fantastic at conversation.

Because you’re always on the go, you’re great at molding yourself to any situation and all kinds of people. You’re also a sensual person, deeply passionate, like the dark plums in the Merlot.

If you love: White Zinfandel

With the high alcohol content in this wine, you love to have a good time. Suited for the life of a rock star, you love to dance the night away.

Because you are extremely versatile and always up for a laugh and a good old adventure, people love being around you!

If you love: Pinot Noir

Fresh, elegant and graceful: that’s what you are. You enjoy small towns rather than the big city, while secretly longing to be by the seaside.

Sweet like cherries yet unique and challenging, especially when it comes to finding a partner because let’s be honest, you like to get your own way!

If you love: Shiraz

The life of every party, you have absolutely no issue in dancing the night away on the tables and throwing all inhibition to the wind, and hey, who can blame you?

A free spirit, you always like to try things before thinking about the consequences and live life to the fullest.

You absolutely love to travel and dream of seeing the entire world…twice.

If you love: Riesling

You’re so sweet and nice that many people have a hard time believing it’s genuine, but don’t worry, because your true friends know just what a beautiful person you are.

You’re well-known for the brilliant advice you give and are always the go-to person when a friend is in need. You love to listen and give your loved ones the support they need, and that’s why you’re such a wonderful person.

If you love: Sauvignon Blanc

You’re the epitome of sophistication and your social calendar reflects just how popular you are. With style and charm oozing out of you, you’re always in control of every aspect of your life…showing everyone who is boss.

If you love: Pinot Grigio

A highly cultured individual, with a taste for the finer things in life. Extremely spiritual and able to connect to the world around you, you’re the perfect person to have at a dinner party.

Easy to talk to and a hopeless romantic, when you fall in love – you fall hard. The truth is, you’re free with your heart because you like to see the good in people.

If you love: Malbec

A voracious reader with a great eye for detail; you love the classic authors and escaping to a fantasy world for a few hours.

Deep and soulful, you prefer the company of a few close friends rather than a huge group of people – and prefer to be involved in a profound conversation rather than chatty banter.

If you love: Rose

Bubbly and personable, you’re the ideal guest at a party and your friends just love being around you and when it comes to your love life, you often attract those in finance.

Fun, friendly and down to earth; you’re the friend that everyone needs!

Does your wine suit your personality? Why not take a look at the range of wine hampers we have available and find your perfect bottle!


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