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How to Make a Vase from a Pumpkin

If you want to make the most of your Halloween purchases, who not get into the spirit of the season and fashion a vase out of a pumpkin? Instead of using a traditional vase, container or vessel, this fun, easy-to-create decoration is a great project to tackle with both family and friends!

It’s also the perfect seasonal doorstep or table decoration. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it also boasts a range of hues perfectly suited up to the autumn season.

Creating your own vase from a pumpkin is also a lot easier than you may think, as we reveal here…

Selecting your pumpkin

First things first, you’ll need to choose your pumpkin. You can either go to your local farm or supermarket to source this. When choosing your pumpkin, consider the size and shape carefully. Pumpkins come in various colours, shapes and sizes!

The colour you choose comes down to personal preference, while the size and shape should be determined by what you intend to fill the vase with. For best results, choose a pumpkin that measures roughly eight inches in diameter. Avoid anything too big or too small, and choose something that fits into the environment it will be residing in.

Choosing your blooms

Choosing blooms is the exciting part! You can match them to the hue of the pumpkin vase for a more sophisticated style, or add a variety of rich, bright and bold blooms for a more eclectic style. Alternatively, give a nod to the autumn season with a range of deep red and orange hues, both of which embrace the traditional autumn theme.

For a softer look, chose pastel hues in the shape of peonies and hydrangeas. If bright and bold is more your thing, opt for gerberas, sunflowers or roses – all are great options for pumpkin vases, particularly as they are long-stemmed and therefore easy to work with.

The brighter the better in this case, especially if you wish to embrace the autumn season in a big way and add warmth, colour and ambience to your home or office.

Making your pumpkin vase

Place your pumpkin on a clean surface and cut and clean it. Begin this process by cutting across the top of the pumpkin. Try to create as straight a line as possible, then remove the pumpkin lid you’ve created. You can throw this section away or save it for later, depending on whether you wish to use it in your decorations.

Once you have removed the top, clean out the contents of the pumpkin, making sure all seeds have been removed. For best results, rinse the pumpkin out with water and thoroughly dry the inside using a kitchen towel.

If you’re not a fan of waste, you could always create a pumpkin stew or soup out of the contents, or roast the seeds and fashion some spicy pumpkin chips.

Next steps…

Pick a small jar and place this inside of the pumpkin. The jar size will depend on the size and shape of your chosen pumpkin. Half fill the jar with water and add quality flower food to the liquid. You may have to buy a jar, but it’s likely you already have one at home.

An old mason, honey or marmalade jar works really well and can often be found in the kitchen cabinet – just be sure to eat the contents first!

Carefully place the jar inside the pumpkin. Then cut and arrange your flowers inside the jar, before adding extra greenery or leaves to make the bouquet look fuller if necessary. This is where you get to use your creativity and make the arrangement your own.

The flowers should last about seven days in the water, especially if you add quality flower food. Blooms can be purchased easily online and delivered directly to your door. You can even opt for the bouquet of the month from various online florists – a great option if you’re looking for seasonal inspiration.

Now you get to enjoy your beautiful creation! Add it to your dining room table or to your Halloween decorations for sophisticated and creative interior style. It’s a perfect choice for the Halloween season and a must if you’re throwing a house or dinner party this year.

If you wish to make several pumpkin vases, you could even put them throughout your home to give each room a seasonal feel.

How long will the pumpkin vase last?

This is a tricky one to answer, as it depends on how hot the room is where the vase will be sitting, whether the pumpkin was purchased extremely fresh and how well you have cleaned it out.

You’ll quickly notice when it’s time to replace the pumpkin with an alternative vase, but you can usually expect a pumpkin to last for around two weeks once you’ve scooped out the insides.

Source: housebeautiful.com

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