The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers

Flowers are indispensable items in most weddings around the world because they generally symbolize love and beauty. They determine the color and tone of a wedding ceremony, and they are a representation of the bride and groom’s personal tastes.

Certainly, any wedding will not be complete without a splendorous display of flowers.

When selecting flowers, wedding couples should take certain things into consideration. First of all, they have to choose flowers that are suitable for the seasons in which their weddings will be held. Those who are planning to wed in spring should opt for flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, peonies, forsythias, and lilies, while summer weddings should feature irises, gladiolas, columbines, blue delphiniums, roses, chrysanthemums, snapdragons, and cockscombs. Some suitable flowers for autumn weddings include dahlias, crab apples, ranunculus, and ornamental cabbages, and winter wedding flowers include amaryllises, cymbidium orchids, red tropical anthuriums, and others. Flowers that are in season are more affordable, and they can help wedding couples save a substantial amount of money.

It is also important that couples consider wedding trends while they are choosing flowers. Nowadays, florists have come up with many new floral arrangement styles that can make weddings more unique and memorable. One of the hottest trends now is to use flowers to embellish cupcake towers, in the same way, that wedding cakes are decorated. Unique flower arrangements can turn traditional wedding items, such as the unity candle, into something truly distinctive and personal. Wedding couples can use the right flower arrangements to personalize their weddings.

One of the most prominent displays of flowers in a wedding is the bridal bouquet. As the bride walks down the aisle, the bridal bouquet will be the representation of her personality, and it will enhance her natural beauty. There are many different styles of bridal bouquets for brides to choose from, ranging from simple hand-tied arrangements to cascading bouquets. The bridesmaids are also an important part of a wedding, and their bouquets can reinforce the theme of the wedding, making the ceremony more endearing and unforgettable. Wedding couples should also choose attractive corsages for people in their wedding party, as well as a splendid bouquet and hairpiece for the flower girl.

Flowers also feature prominently in wedding receptions. Wedding couples have to make sure that they choose the right flowers to enhance the décor of the reception area and the most appropriate reception table centerpieces. Flowers are also used to decorate the wedding cake. It is important that couples select flowers that suit the themes of their weddings and reflect their personalities well.

Creating flower themes and arrangements for weddings can be a difficult task. Since they are busy preparing for their weddings, couples may not have the time to look into every aspect of the wedding that requires the use of flowers, and they may not have the necessary knowledge and skills to come up with the best flower arrangements. The best thing for wedding couples to do is to hire an expert florist to plan the arrangement of flowers in their weddings. Expert florists have the necessary experience to create unique flower arrangements that bring out the personalities of the wedding couple, and they can do this just by looking at the venue and décor of the wedding, as well as the gowns and attires of the couple and bridesmaids. They have a profound knowledge of the meanings of flowers, and they can select colors that blend perfectly with the décor. All that wedding couples have to do is contact a florist and provide basic details about their weddings. The florist will then ask them about their tastes and preferences and make valuable suggestions to help them select the most appropriate flower arrangements.

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