Top Florist Tricks for Better Looking Flowers

Do you just wish you had that knack of keeping your flowers looking absolutely perfect, just like your local florists does?

There’s nothing worse than leaving the florist with a beautiful bunch of blooms, fully aware they won’t look like that when you get them home.

Well, fear not! Here are the top secrets to keeping your flowers looking beautiful that your florist won’t tell you, so you can create the perfect flower display in your very own home.

1. Put the scissors away!

We’re all guilty of having those kitchen scissors on stand-by for when we bring new flowers into our home. Well, it’s time to keep them firmly in the drawer! Instead, use a sharp non-serrated knife to cut an inch off the bottom of each stem. Try to do this at a 45-degree angle using a small bowl of water as this will prevent air from flooding into the stems, which ultimately ages them.

2. Choose your day wisely

Okay so while most florists keep their flowers fresh, it’s important to keep in mind those that don’t. So, if you choose to purchase your flowers from your local shop and not online; a Monday is the best day to go. You’ll find florists normally get all their new stock in on a Monday so you can be sure your flowers are as fresh as they can be, meaning they will last as long as possible.

3. Have a feel of the rose

If you crave a bunch of roses, be sure to give them a quick squeeze before you pick them up. By squeezing the part of the rose where the petals meet at the top of the stem you can determine just how fresh they are. You want to feel firmness as this is indicative of a fresh rose, the softer this part is, the older the rose.

4. Food packets aren’t everything

While those small packets of food you get with your bouquet can work wonders, there are also other tricks of the trade that can be more successful in keeping your flowers beautiful. For example, try using bleach to sterilize the vase and add a bit of sugar to the water, along with a copper penny. The sweetness will provide the nutrients for the flower, while the copper will act as an antibacterial agent.

Other great options are aspirin and a few drops of vodka, so give those a try too!

5. Spray ‘em!

Have you ever noticed your florist spraying the flowers with water? That’s because the stem isn’t the only place that takes in the water! Simply give your beautiful blooms a spray of water from time to time to keep them fully hydrated.

6. Hairspray is the key

Believe it or not, hairspray isn’t only great for keeping your hair looking fabulous! If your flowers are losing their bright colour, simply give them a touch of hairspray, you’ll see it works wonders!

7. Fruit is a no, no

Fruit may be great for promoting good health in humans, but it’s not so great when it comes to flowers. Try to keep your bouquet well away from fruit as most emit a gas called ethylene that can cause flowers to wilt prematurely.

Oh, and the same goes for appliances and fireplaces; try to keep your bunch of blooms away from anything that creates heat as this will cause them to dehydrate and die.

8. Change the vase occasionally

You’ll find that your bouquet will change over time, due to a decrease in size, and of course your trimming tendencies. In order to ensure each stem is fully supported, change the vase occasionally. This will ensure your flowers get the protection and support they require, while also giving your room a fresh look.

9. Keep the stems trimmed

A great way of ensuring your flowers remain beautiful is to keep the stems trimmed. Trim a few millimeters every day in a diagonal movement and you can be sure they remain in tip-top condition.

10. Can’t find a nice bouquet?

If you’re struggling to find a nice bouquet at your local florist, simply find a few bunches of flowers that are the same colour and put them together in a vase. Use your design flair to create the very best floral display in your living space.

11. Remove the leaves

If you want to keep your arrangement looking fabulous, be sure to take off the leaves at the bottom of the stems as this will ensure the water remains clear and the flowers don’t rot.

With these 11 top secret tips from florists, there’s no reason your beautiful bouquet remain look award-winning.

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