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Tips for a Blossoming Summer Romance

From long romantic walks on the beach to cuddling up under the stars, the summer months are one of the best matchmakers when it comes to blossoming romances. So if you want to try your luck, ask out the friend you’ve always had your eye on, or embrace new situations, the summer is the time to do it. One thing’s for sure, the heat is certainly on your side when it comes to falling in love…

Let your guard down

It has been said that summer is the season to let your guard down, and in turn, this allows romance to take center stage. People associate summer with freedom, celebration and holidays, which means we’re often more open with one and other. Just the cocktail for a blossoming summer romance!


It’s difficult to get into the romance zone when you’re tense, stressed and tired. Thankfully summer has this magical ability to send us all into relaxation mode, and when you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’re more likely to let love in.

It’s easier to meet people

As soon as the weather starts to heat up, we all want to enjoy the great outdoors. The summer months open up a number of new and exciting doors for romance, many of which stem from meeting someone face-to-face.

You’re in a flirty mood

As soon as the sun begins to shine, we become more flirtatious. In fact, there are studies to prove this! Take advantage of your new-found flirty nature and turn up the romance notch. Why not plan a picnic for your current love interest and present them with a beautiful bouquet of blooms on arrival. Alternatively, send someone you’d like to take on a date a bouquet of letterbox flowers complete with a flirty message.

This season is begging for romance

‘Summer lovin’ had me a blast” actually rings true. It also became a hit for a good reason: summer is after all the perfect time to fall in love. Now is a good time to head to the beach and find Danny to your Sandy!

Be more trusting

Without being able to completely trust someone, it’s hard to fall in love. Thankfully the summer heat makes it easier to let your guard down. Studies show that both physical warmth and pleasure motivates our insular cortex, which is responsible for feelings of trust.

Dating apps

When everyone else wants to fall in love, it’s easy to fall in love too. The summer is the time when a number of dating apps and websites see a boost in usage, so maybe it’s time to join the thousands of others that are logging on?

Summer Romance Tips

Your senses are awakened

Smells can instantly affect our memory which is why when we smell something familiar, it’s common to feel instantly happy. Summer’s scents, including that of sunscreen and the ocean, have the ability to conjure up a number of feel-good memories. Spending time with a loved one at this time will ensure your love reaches an all-time high.

Plan a holiday with your other half

Now is the time to book a summer holiday. Forget your work woes, completely switch off and spend some quality time with the love of your life. Your love will only grow stronger and you’ll be making great memories at the same time. Keep an eye on comparison sites and bag a last-minute deal!

Be happy

Warm weather triggers the chemicals dopamine and serotonin, two things that make you feel happy. When you’re in a good mood, those around you will be too – this will have the effect of being stuck in a blissful honeymoon stage all summer long!

Be closer

Despite the winter having the effect of making us feel physically closer (mainly down to the fact that it’s so cold!), you and your partner will spontaneously feel emotionally closer in the months of summer. This is all down to the heat. Higher temperatures have the ability to heighten those feelings of closeness in an instance.

Surprise someone

Who doesn’t love to be surprised by a romantic gesture? If you wish to turn up the heat on your love life this summer, spoil the one you love! Send a beautiful bouquet of blooms to their place of work with a note that says ‘meet me at 7 in our favorite spot’ or plan a staycation, such as a camping expedition under the stars. The sunshine certainly helps us when it comes to being proactive, so be sure to act on this.

Don’t be shy

If you want to ask someone out on a date, do it! The summer can have the effect of giving us a newfound sense of confidence – be sure to put it towards good use!

Now is your time to shine!

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