I’m Thinking of You Flowers for Family Members

When it comes to showing our family how much we love them, nothing says it better than flowers.

For those who aren’t able to visit their family as much as they’d like or live far away, sending a beautiful bouquet by post is a great way to show loved ones that they’re thinking of them, but what flowers should you choose?

Different flowers mean different things, but with such a wide variety available you’re guaranteed to find the perfect arrangement no matter which family member you intend to send them to.


If you want to let your parents know that you’re thinking of them then there are many different flowers you can choose.

Carnations are a popular choice as they are associated with love but not necessarily romantic love (as represented by roses), and come in a number of different varieties.

Striped carnations are thought to show the recipient that you’re sorry that you can’t be with them or that you long to see them, which makes them particular fitting when looking to tell your parents you’re thinking of them.


For those looking to surprise their grandparents, traditional country flowers are always great options. Wildflowers such as lavender heather are particularly fitting as the flower is thought to represent admiration but poppies and other old-fashioned flowers also work well.


For those who want to surprise their siblings, flowers which represent the loyalty and closeness of brotherly or sisterly love are the ideal choice.

Daisies represent loyalty, innocence, and love while sweet-pea tells the recipient that you enjoy their company whilst also signifying absence – making them both good choices. Alternatively “forget-me-nots” can represent fond memories as well as love, which makes them a great alternative.

Extended family

For aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, there are a number of suitable flower choices. Pink carnations are thought to show the recipient that you’ll never forget them while crocuses represent cheerfulness and white heather is associated with protection and wishes – all sentiments you may wish to bestow on your extended family.

The important thing to remember when sending ‘I’m thinking of you’ flowers is that the bouquet you choose should be personal to the recipient. Whether that means choosing one of the options mentioned above, sending them a bunch of their favourite flowers or even using their birth flower as the basis of a bouquet is up to you. has a great range of bouquets designed to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them so you’re sure to find the perfect arrangement.

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