Check these Proposal Trends for 2022

Being proposed to is an unforgettable experience and one that people put a great deal of thought and effort into.

Whether an individual opts for a traditional proposal or something more avant-garde, it’s all about making an impression!

However, the pandemic has played a part in the way we are proposing to each other, with more people now having to think outside of the box.

The days of booking a spontaneous adventure have been restricted to memory given widespread travel restrictions, meaning a lot of proposals are now taking place at home.

That being said, proposal trends for 2022 are expected to be very much focused on personal impact and privacy. If you’re planning to pop the question but are unsure of quite how to do it, some of these trends may provide the inspiration you need.

Hyper-personalized and creative proposals

For every couple, getting engaged should be unique. From preparing a short speech to surprising a special someone with a trip to the jewelers, to throwing a proposal party, each proposal comes down to personal preference.

With many couples unable to travel easily anymore, proposals are getting more and more creative by the minute, with some people throwing engagement parties via Zoom, or even proposing online if they’re working or living in different areas to their loved ones.

If in the same location, a number of engagements are now taking place at parks, on hikes, along rivers, at the beach, or anywhere else with a romantic backdrop that doesn’t require an airplane to get to.

Those who dreamed of proposing in a far-flung destination are having to bring those backdrops into their own homes, through hiring party planners to transform their abodes into iconic destinations.

It may not be quite the same, but it’s the effort that counts! If done correctly, the likes of candles, lighting, decorations, and props can be used to turn living rooms and gardens into paradise spaces.

Extravagant dinners

With more money to spend on proposals when flights and hotels aren’t being taken into the equation, many are planning extravagant, five-star-style dinners at home, with the help of caterers and entertainment.

There are many ways to make an engagement special, even from the comfort of your own abode, especially when you hire help.

It’s also possible to hire chefs to come into the home and cook for guests, allowing an individual to enjoy a top-quality meal while planning the perfect time to pop the question.


Instead of going through the hassle of having to book PCR tests and rely on government websites to warn of last-minute changes to travel arrangements, more proposals are taking place closer to home.

Staycations are taking centre stage. Booking grand hotel escapes a few miles down the road has proven a popular way for couples to propose in 2021 and will surely stay popular in 2022.

These proposals are just as symbolic as grand gestures and are preferred by many – especially those who hate to be centre of attention.

There’s a wide range of boutique hotels and alternative forms of accommodation to pick from too, enabling people to find the ideal romantic location for them.

Instagram-worthy Locations

It’s all about the ‘gram’ these days and capturing the proposal on camera so you can share your special moment with the world. This is the case now more than ever, especially as many can’t be with their families and friends when it comes to celebrating an engagement.

This is when the location becomes one of the most defining components. Many choose a special location, such as the place where the first date took place, whilst others will pick a perfect picnic spot, a fancy five-star restaurant, or an event space fashioned into a dream-like world.

Having an Instagram-worthy moment is easily achieved when you pick a stunning location – even if you have to get creative with flowers and other design elements to make it happen.

Duo ring designs

Almost all proposals require a ring and with more money to spend on a ring than usual given the ability to save elsewhere, couples are starting to push the boat out, with some going as far as designing matching rings together.

Although usually the norm for one partner to pick the ring, the pandemic and time have altered this, with many couples joining together to design engagement and wedding rings they both love and want to wear each and every day.

Not only is this a bonding, romantic experience, but it’s also a great way to ensure you both get the ring of your dreams.

All in all, 2022’s approach to proposals is going to be one that embraces memorable, thoughtful experiences that couples can share together.

Surprise proposals are becoming less common, with more focus on what each partner wants and working together to achieve it.

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