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How to Press Fresh Flowers

how-to-press-fresh-flowersIf you want to preserve your flowers for longer, the best way to achieve this is to use a technique called pressing.  It flattens the flowers and allows them to dry.

Pressed flowers are brilliant as a decorative addition to cards, jewelry or just as a simple framed wall art.

There are 4 basic methods for pressing fresh flowers.

Before proceeding with any of these techniques, there are few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose flowers that are in full bloom
  • Avoid using flowers with damaged leaves or petals
  • If possible, choose flowers that are naturally flat for better results
  • Allow the flowers to completely dry by placing them on a piece of paper
  • Avoid leaving the flowers to dry in direct sunlight

1. Flower Press

Simple flower press is made from pieces of wood that attach together with some screws, you can find these in your local craft shop.

  • Place two pieces of cardboard between the flower press
  • Cut rectangular pieces of parchment or freezer paper to use in your flower press.
  • When you’re ready to press the flowers, place one piece of cardboard on the bottom of the press, plus two sheets of flower press paper, the bottommost of which will serve as a “blotter.”
  • Arrange flowers on the piece of flower press paper, lay the flowers flat on the top sheet of paper, leaving space between them so they are able to thoroughly dry.
  • Add the remaining paper and cardboard.
  • Press the flowers – remember to change the blotter sheets after every few days
  • After a few weeks, the flowers should be completely flat and dry

2. Use a book

  • Find a heavy book to use
  • Lay it flat open and line with paper, place two sheets of paper on each side of the open book
  • Arrange flowers on the paper and close the book carefully
  • Pile more heavy books on the top
  • Change the sheets every few days
  • After a few weeks, your flowers will be completely dry and ready to be taken out

3. Use a microwave

  • You will need to buy a special microwave press
  • Press the flowers between two ceramic tiles held together with rubber bands, don’t place a regular flower press in the microwave. This could start a fire. You may microwave a book flower press, but only if you’re sure the book does not have metal parts.
  • Line one tile with a piece of cardboard and one piece of paper
  • Line up your flowers and put the tiles together
  • Microwave the flower press, start with 1 minute and then check for results, continue until the flowers are completely dry

4. Hanging Press

  • You will need cardboard for this method
  • Place your flowers into the cardboard and seal it with a tape from all sides
  • Make a couple of holes using the hole-puncher at the top of the cardboard box
  • Put a string through the holes and hang in a dry cool place
  • Check the progress after a few weeks, if the flowers are not dry yet, place back and seal the cardboard again
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