Popular Christmas Plants 2020

With Christmas fast approaching, adding plants to the mix is a fantastic way to enhance your festive décor. But what Christmas plants are on trend this year and what should you be looking out for?

From rich reds and dark greens that you’d associate with the season to more subtle shades, plants can be the perfect accompaniment for your Christmas tree.

Here is a pick of the best Christmas plants for 2020 that are sure to add vibrancy and a dose of yuletide cheer to your homes and gardens this festive season…

This prevalent flowering plant is a go-to choice for festive Christmas decor. It grows from a bulb and flowers around six weeks post-planting. Certain species, including Amaryllis ‘Ferrari’ tend to be grown in greenhouses to encourage blooming in December, just in time for the festive period.


Planting in the months of October or November ensures Amaryllis will bear a number of vibrant red or white trumpet-shaped flowers before Christmas Day on 25 December.

If you wish to achieve a burst of holiday blooms, it is recommended you plant Amaryllis in the autumn or buy bulbs already planted in pots.

Once planted, place somewhere with bright, direct sunlight, and water them regularly. For the best results, you should use well-drained soil to prevent the bulbs from being waterlogged.

Bodnant Viburnum

The deciduous plant Viburnum bodnantense reaches some serious sizes, often between ten feet tall and six feet wide. The most renowned species is Viburnum bodnantense, which boasts subtle red fruit and flowers in the winter season.

The blossoms that grow in the cooler months come in the shape of extremely fragrant pink flowers, which fade from deep magenta to pale rose as they mature.

In autumn, the hue changes continue as Viburnum‘s green leaves take on a deep scarlet colour. Viburnum species can withstand the majority of soils, even those that are too heavy or lime-rich for other shrubs.

They do best when placed in an area that has some shade and they require minimal pruning each year. They’re also a hardy choice for winter gardens.

Christmas Cactus

This festive species flowers from late autumn up until the winter, which makes it a hot hued option for Christmas gardens.

Schlumbergera x buckleyi (also known as S. bridgesii) boasts an eye-catching collaboration of vibrant green scalloped stems and lengthy ruby-hued blooms. S. truncata is another Christmas-blooming cactus species perfectly suited to those who enjoy deep scarlet blooms. It is also referred to as the ‘Thanksgiving cactus’ in America because it flowers slightly earlier in the festive season (close to Thanksgiving as the name suggests).

The cactus thrives with regular watering, partial shade, and bright indirect light. To keep your plant looking fresh over the festive season, plant your Christmas cactus in rich, porous soil.


This is a favourite choice come Christmas time and it will come an as little surprise to discover that the Cyclamen is among the on-trend Christmas plants for 2020. It promises to bloom during the winter months boasting pretty shades of white, pink, and red.

When mature, it is adorned with lovely festive blooms. Both the C. x atkinsii and C. coum species boast crimson flowers in the winter, with stems measuring between four and six inches, all embellished with deep green leaves. Some species flower within a year, while others take a number of years to mature. Almost all species will go dormant during the summer too.

Cyclamen are great as container plants and should be grown in either partial shade or full indirect sunlight. To ensure they thrive, this particular Christmas plant for 2020 enjoys rich, well-drained soil that is neutral or slightly alkaline.

Lenten Rose

The Lenten rose, also known as Helleborus, is a great choice for subtle gardens with minimalistic colours, especially in the winter and early spring months.

They develop drooping cup or bell-shaped blooms across the colour spectrum, with white, pink, green, red, or purple blooms on show during the cooler seasons.

However, this does depend on the species and the selection process. The blossoms tend to last a great deal of time when cared for correctly, maintaining a strong form.

This will however fade to green as the flowering season ends. Lenten roses thrive well in soil that is slightly alkaline. Once planted, they enjoy being left alone.

They’re also a hardy option that can withstand being attacked by a range of animals, including deer and rodents.

Fir Tree

The mighty fir (also known as Abies sp. or the classic Christmas tree) is available in a wide range of heights and circumferences, so it is important to ensure you have the space to fit this plant in your garden or to keep it potted inside your home.

Part of the spruce family (Picea sp.) and the pine family (Pinus sp.), the fir has a pyramidal shape, while lower branches may droop towards the floor. When left in the wild, these trees can reach heights of 60-feet, although those kept in the home for Christmas will be considerably smaller!


While ivy (botanical name; Hedera sp.) has a tendency to overtake some gardens if left unattended, it’s also extremely beautiful, with its deep green hues and vibrant red berries.

This evergreen climbing vine can span horizontally over the ground as well as directly up against walls. It’s also a popular plant to place in hanging baskets or on trellises.

English ivy (botanical name; H. helix) is a tamer grower, especially when compared to other species, but is just as beautiful. Ivy should be planted in the spring or autumn and is most likely to thrive when grown from a pot of seed as opposed to a cutting.

For best results place Ivy in soil that is full of organic matter and feeds it with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Small cuttings can add greenery to your home over the festive period, and you may even wish to incorporate ivy into a festive wreath for your door.



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