Nutrition Resources for Kids

Good nutrition is important for everyone, especially kids. Eating the right foods helps the body grow healthy and strong. Healthy foods also help kids get the vitamins and minerals they need to help the body function properly.

Eating the right balance of foods is also important, as eating too many meat and dairy products can be bad for the body. These resources offer information, games, quizzes, and activities to help kids learn about the importance of good nutrition.

Fun Nutrition Games for Kids: This page has several fun games for kids, including “Breakfast Detective” and “Fueled for Fun.” Learn about nutrition and have fun at the same time.

Fresh for Kids: This fun website has games and activities to help kids learn all about the importance of fruits and vegetables. Available games include “Fruit Frenzy,” “Apple Attack,” “Market Memory,” and “Spot the Difference.” This site also has fruit coloring sheets and word activities.

Blast Off Nutrition Game: This exciting game asks kids to fuel their spaceships with healthy foods and physical activity. Players have to use all of the food groups without overloading the spaceship’s fuel tank.

My Plate Match Game: This game gives kids a chance to test their knowledge of all the food groups. Players have to build a plate of healthy food using all of the food groups. Once the game is complete, kids can learn more about good nutrition.

Eat Your Way to Five a Day!: This page gives kids easy ways to get all the fruits and vegetables they need. It also explains why fruits and vegetables are so important for a healthy diet.

Mission Nutrition: This nutrition challenge helps kids learn about healthy foods. The game asks players to open the refrigerator and cabinets to find foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, added sugar, and fats. The game also has quizzes about fruit and other healthy foods.

Find Your Food Style: This quiz will help students find out if they need to improve their nutrition habits. The questions help players determine if they are planners, grabbers, or skippers.

Amazing Food Detective: Grab a magnifying glass and get ready to do some detective work. This interactive game teaches kids about good nutrition and exercise. Then kids can play “Zap the TV” and “Whack a Snack” for fun.

BreakFAST Game: Play this fun game to learn more about good nutrition. Players participate in a jump rope contest, but they have to choose healthy breakfast foods to get the energy needed to jump. The game requires players to choose a serving of grains, a serving of dairy, and a serving of fruit or vegetables.

Interactive Nutrition Games: Have fun and learn about nutrition at the same time. Play games like “Make a Balanced Plate” and “Unmuddle the Meals.” Then learn about nutrition with interactive tutorials and information on important nutrients.

The Great Plant Escape: This award-winning game lets kids solve six different cases related to plant-based foods.

Superveggies to the Rescue: This page was designed to help kids in sixth grade learn about the benefits of super veggies.

Give Me Five (PDF): This activity page has puzzles and trivia about fruits and vegetables.

Daily Nutrition and Activity Quiz: This website offers daily quizzes that test kids’ knowledge of nutrition and physical activity.

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