Mothers Day

Mothers Day Dates in UK 2018 – 2025

When is Mother’s Day in UK?

Who can keep up with the constantly changing date to celebrate our mums each year! Unfortunately unlike other special days of the year, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day doesn’t have a dedicated set date to celebrate each year and many countries also celebrate on different days.

People around the UK take this day to appreciate the role of mothers in the society, not just mums but also grandmothers, step-mums and mother-in-laws. The usual celebrations of Mother’s Day involve taking time to visit mum at home, or meet her in town for an afternoon tea or a pampering session at a spa. Mother’s Day cards and flowers are the most popular gifts for this day, along with toiletries and little treats for mum. Sometimes it is not a physical gift, but the gift of time. Taking your mum to a special place, for a weekend away or just spending some quality time together will certainly make her feel special.

Kids in schools prepare special handmade Mother’s Day cards and daughters and sons all over the country are hunting down the prettiest bouquet for their mum.

Mothers Day Dates in UK 2018 – 2025

Mothers Day in 2018 UK

Mothers Day in 2018 is celebrated on 11 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2019 UK

Mothers Day in 2019 is celebrated on 31 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2020 UK

Mothers Day in 2020 is celebrated on 22 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2021 UK

Mothers Day in 2021 is celebrated on 14 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2022 UK

Mothers Day in 2022 is celebrated on 27 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2023 UK

Mothers Day in 2023 is celebrated on 19 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2024 UK

Mothers Day in 2024 is celebrated on 10 March, Sunday.

Mothers Day in 2025 UK

Mothers Day in 2025 is celebrated on 30 March, Sunday.

Why does Mother’s Day celebration day change every year?

Mother’s Day is linked to Easter and as you know, Easter dates change every year due to the lunar calendar. As a general rule, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent.

Is Mother’s Day celebrated in England?

Mother’s Day is also known as Mothering Sunday in England and it is celebrated every fourth Sunday in the month of Lent.

Is Mother’s Day a bank holiday?

Unfortunately, as many of us would have wished so, it is not. Mother’s Day is usually also on Sunday, which means that we wouldn’t benefit from the extra day off in any case. What you might have to consider is the fact that it is a popular holiday, so if you’re planning to take your mum out for a nice meal, coffee or a spa break, you might want to book in advance.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Making your mum feel special doesn’t require as much effort as you might think. Here are few ideas to inspire you in planning the perfect Mother’s Day celebration:

  • organise a surprise party, invite your siblings and friends and surprise your mum at home
  • create a home made breakfast worthy of a Michelin star and serve it to your mum in bed
  • treat her to an afternoon of pampering in a nice hotel
  • take a walk down the memory lane – organise a printed book with your mums favourite photos and hand it over to her on Mother’s Day
  • send her a gourmet hamper the night before – who says you can’t start the celebrations early?
  • write her a personal letter listing all the reasons why you think she is the best mum in the whole world
  • get your kids to craft a hand made Mother’s Day cards along with personal wishes from each of them
  • record a video of your Mother’s day wishes, if you live far away she would love to receive this first thing in the morning and replay as many times as she wants
  • send her a surprise bouquet first thing in the morning, straight to her home. What a way to start the day!
  • you don’t have to be a child to make a hand-made card for your mum, why not have a go?

How to pick flowers for Mother’s Day?

Luckily, most mums are not very picky when it comes to flowers. Lets be honest, receiving flowers is such a joy that you wouldn’t expect the recipient complaining about a particular flower colour or a variety, would you?

At Serenata Flowers, over the years and thousands of delivered bouquets for Mother’s Day, we can confidently say – we know what’s popular. The prevailing colour tones for Mother’s day are pink and beige, with the most popular varieties featuring lilies and roses. Here are just a few picks from the bestsellers, if you’re looking to order some flowers in advance:

Mothers Day Dates
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Mother’s Day in 2017 UK

This year, we are celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, 26th March 2017.


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