Top Unique Plants for Your Home

Adding greenery to our homes is a great way to inject colour and fragrance into our interiors. Thankfully, there are many plants to choose from in an assortment of shapes and sizes, meaning there is something to suit every space.

From prevalent plants that have been around for centuries to more unusual shrubs, including the likes of the ‘Pregnant onion’ or the ‘Dolphin succulent’, indoor house plants are now just as popular as outdoor plants.

If you’d like to invest in something a little more unique in style, read on to learn more about our top picks for unusual houseplants…

Fire Pencil Cactus

This is one of the more uncommon indoor houseplants. It comes from the Cactus family and is native to Africa and parts of Asia. As its hue and body suggest, this plant’s name suits it very well. Fire-sticks can grow up to an impressive eight feet tall and the Fire Pencil Cactus adds to the beauty of any interior with its vibrant red colour.

This incredible resilient plant can tackle most pests and plant diseases, although you should note that its sap is incredibly toxic for animals and can cause skin irritation among humans when touched. Despite this, if you wish to add a splash of energy to an otherwise minimalistic room, this is a great plant to choose from!

Rabbit foots fern

The most attractive features of this shrub are its furry rhizomes, which look a little like a rabbit’s foot, hence the name. This plant can either be grown in a large vessel or pot or can be hung in a basket, which is a better way to show off its furry rhizomes. It’s a great and unique addition to the home with straightforward care needs.

The plant prefers bright, yet indirect sunlight, while watering should be limited but regular, enabling the soil to remain slightly moist. Rabbit foot’s fern can also benefit from regular misting and will require repotting after a couple of years if cared for correctly.

Pregnant Onion

Normally kept as a houseplant, the pregnant onion is an extremely easy unusual houseplant to grow and maintain. It boasts lengthy, elegant green leaves that brandish a large bulb, which is where it gets its name from.

The best part of growing a pregnant onion shrub in your home is that it is an evergreen plant, which means it keeps giving all year round, with leaves and blooms showing throughout the year. It’s an ideal option for those looking for an easy to care for, versatile plant for either the home or office.

Donkey’s Tail Plant

This is an easy-to-grow house succulent that boasts a vibrant green hue and pretty teardrop-shaped leaves. These succulents, as the name suggests, look a little like a Donkey’s tail and can be an ideal choice for those looking to add embellishment to their home. This plant is one of the most popular hanging plants and is renowned for adding a charming edge to any interior.

Dolphin Succulent Plant

This is one of the sweetest succulent plants available and a popular option for the home. It’s celebrated in Japan, and now, the rest of the world! It boasts delicate, minuscule fleshy leaves that resemble tiny dolphins jumping out of the ocean.

This plant makes the home interior look both cheerful and homely, by adding both colour and interest to any room in the household. Avoid placing this unusual houseplant in direct sunlight and wait for the soil to dry out completely before soaking the soil in water.

Marimo Moss Balls

As the name suggests, these unusual houseplants come in the shape of moist, softballs of algae, which look like moss. In Japan, this shrub is considered to be a lucky charm. These circular moss balls live in water, in fact, they thrive in water, which is why many choose to keep them in an aquarium or a fish tank.

This feature makes a great centrepiece and adds interest to a number of areas in the home environment. If you’re looking to invest in a green focal point for your home, online florists are a great place to look. There are a number of unique and attractive plants to choose from, many of which are available for same and next day flower delivery.

Rose succulent

This unusual houseplant has the looks of the iconic and bold rose bloom and is a great plant to invest in if you wish to add beauty and sophistication to your home. Guests won’t be able to take their eyes off them! They are green in hue, which makes these rose succulents a diverse choice and one that is likely to become a talking point.

They’re an eye-catching option, yet despite their grand beauty, they are relatively easy to maintain. Simply water the plant on a daily basis.

Haworthia Cooperi

Part of the succulent family, the Haworthia Cooperi looks like a bunch of green bubbles carved out of rich, fleshy leaves. These are said to be one of the most attractive indoor house plants available, which is mainly down to their unique appearance.

One of their most inimitable features is that they are see-through and look a little like pearls, meaning they add plenty of elegance and glamour to the home.

Baseball Plant

Commonly known as the Baseball Cactus, this shrub is completely thornless, making it a popular option for those who have pets and children. This is a slow-growing specie that looks like a baseball, which is where it gets its name from.

It’s a great option for those looking for a pest-resistant plant too, as it is seldom attacked by insects or diseases. It is also very easy to care for and looks a little like a jewel in the home with its vibrant hue and stature.

Lucky Heart Plant

Also referred to as Hoya Kerri, this distinct house plant features rich, vibrant green fleshy heart-shaped leaves. This shrub is a climbing succulent and is said to bring good luck to your love life. It’s often described as the romantic succulent, and is said to spread love in every household it enters!


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