The Rules of Placing a Money Plant at Home

The money plant – or Jade plant as it is otherwise known – has long been associated with financial positivity.

Asides from its aesthetically appealing appearance and its remarkable longevity when looked after properly, this good luck boost is one of the reasons many choose to place this particular plant in their homes.

Of course, without the correct care, it will do little for your interior or your wallet.

Where to place your money plant

According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra – philosophies that relate to the arrangement of living spaces – the money plant is the embodiment of wealth, health, and prosperity.

However, if placed in a location facing the wrong direction, it can have a reverse effect. You should always grow this shrub in a south-easterly direction to ensure good luck, and you should avoid growing the money plant in another direction.

Growing it in a different direction is said to bring misfortune to both your financial and relationship status.

You should note that the money plant can thrive in hot conditions and under artificial light, which leaves you with some options if you’re still deciding which room to place it in.

Other benefits of the money plant

Air-purifying qualities

As well as being a good luck charm, this popular plant is good for our health, as it rids the air of unwanted chemicals.

In the world of Feng Shui, this shrub is regarded as one of the best air-purifying plants on the market, especially for those who reside in homes and offices polluted by synthetic fabrics, modern-day furnishings, and harsh cleaning products.

It absorbs radiation

Both scientists and Feng Shui experts recommend you place at least one money plant close to technology sources, including televisions, computer screens, Wi-Fi routers, and tablets.

The plant is known to absorb radiation, helping you to create a healthier home.

It lowers stress levels

If you have a hectic schedule, are constantly adhering to deadlines, or are a highly anxious person, a money plant is a must and will help to lower stress levels, provided that it is placed directly in front of a sharp angle or corner. It’s also a great investment for those wishing to avoid poor sleep.

It attracts wealth

As we’ve already mentioned, this unique plant is renowned for attracting wealth, through the activation of positive energy.

Those who place the money plant in their homes wish to inspire prosperity and good luck in their everyday lives, whilst boosting financial gains and removing money obstacles. As a general rule, Vastu Shastra experts recommend growing them indoors in a southeast direction, and never outside.

In Vastu Shastra, the owner of the southeast direction is Lord Ganesha, and placing the plant in that direction will bring good luck.

In terms of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the money plant (which can also be known as a money tree) is used to encourage monetary success in the Money and Wealth Bagua area of the home (the southeast).

In Feng Shui, this location in the home is the area linked to your financial prosperity. While these plants also promise to bring good luck into the home, they add a hit of colour to any room in the household.


This plant is a great gift to buy a friend, as its delicate heart-shaped leaves are said to allude to long-lasting friendships

Plants that complement the Money Plant

If you wish to invest in an array of plants for your home or office to sit alongside your money plant, opt for similar lush greens such as lucky bamboo, Syngoniums, Jades, and Anthuriums.

All promise to promote equal measures of wealth, good luck, and success, helping to remove negative energy from your home’s interior.

Avoid red

Avoid placing your money plant close to any red-hued items, especially if placing the plant in the kitchen. This is said to decrease your wealth rather than give it a boost.

Choose a blue or green-hued vase

When it comes to choosing an attractive vessel for your money plant, opt for a blue or green-hued vase. Asides from attracting even more wealth, this shade of vase is said to boost the flow of positive energy flow into your interior space.

De-clutter your home

As well as using the powers of your money plant to bring you good luck, it’s important to ensure its backdrop is one of serenity. De-cluttering helps to avert any negative disruptions or blockages in the flow of the home.

You’ll want to make sure the plant has enough space to breathe too, wherever you choose to place it!

Opt for the greenest of plants

When choosing a money plant, you’ll need to choose wisely. Avoid plants that look dehydrated and pick a shrub that boasts extremely green-rich leaves.

To prolong its good luck charms, it’s vital to keep those leaves as green as possible, by caring for the plant carefully. The greener the leaves, the more luck the plant will bring you!

Caring for your money plant

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your money plant, it’s important to water it well. A dry, lackluster money plant will not only look dowdy, but it will also bring misfortune and bad luck.

To ensure its leaves stay fresh and in good health, you should avoid allowing the plant to touch the floor and ensure it is watered well (but not too much).

If you do notice any of the leaves beginning to dry up, you should prune these immediately. Provided that you maintain this plant well, it will give you years of enjoyment.

It’s also important to place it away from full, direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to dry out even further. In terms of finding somewhere to keep your money plant, both glass bottles and pots are great growing options.

If you wish to place your money plant at the entrance of the home, it’s wise to choose a north-facing doorway. This position is said to invite multiple career opportunities and new sources of income to your home.


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