Common Flowers that Guys Like

Men enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women, despite what tradition suggests. If you want to gift your partner, father, brother, or friend with a beautiful bouquet of blooms, you should feel free to do exactly that!

If you feel like sending the main man in your life a beautiful bouquet of blooms to express feelings of love, gratitude, friendship, appreciation, or respect, do it! In this day and age, it is no longer unusual for a guy to receive a big, beautiful bunch of flowers.

But how do you go about picking blooms to make a great impression, especially if you’re not sure of what they might like? Fortunately, there are plenty of men’s flowers and bouquets out there to pick from, and many are extremely popular! Here are a few of the common blooms that you might want to consider…

Why should you gift flowers to men?

Blooms are an inexpensive way of showing your loved one just how much you care about them and are a great way to express your emotions. There is no such reason that flowers are solely reserved for women, and men love receiving a bouquet every now and again too.

When men send a woman flowers, it’s to express their gratitude, love, and earnest emotions towards her, and when the roles are reversed it can still mean exactly the same thing! Buying blooms for a loved one will instantly brighten up their day and make them smile – so why not give them a floral surprise?

Tips on giving flowers to men

Men enjoy being gifted flowers, but stereotypical ideas about certain hues are still popular in today’s culture. Your men friends may not be as excited about pastel colours such as pink, lavender, pale yellow, or minty green.

As a general rule, it’s wiser to send your man blooms in deep rich hues such as purple, maroon, or deep blue. In addition to this, guys tend to enjoy robust flowers with strong, solid structures. For example, you may want to avoid delicate, dainty, frilly flowers including baby’s breath or stephanotis.

If a bouquet needs a filler, opt for something natural like grass or leaves, as these will balance out the bold blooms. Most men are not too fussed about overly sweet-scented blooms, and instead, enjoy flowers with a spicy scent or a stronger fragrance. For example, opt for purple or dark red carnations with a clove-like scent.

Think about the vase

In terms of vases, avoid feminine crystal vases and look for a solid, natural container created out of metal or wood. Alternatively, choose something along the lines of a coffee cup or beer stein, especially if either of those vessels reflects his interests.

Always consider the occasion

Bold hued bouquets are ideal for happy events such as birthdays or Father’s Day, as they are both joyful celebrations. For more low key or sad events, you’ll want to opt for more muted colours.

Popular men’s flowers

If you’re wondering about the type of men’s flowers to give, the following blooms can provide you with a little inspiration…


The tropical-style anthurium plant adds an instant splash of colour to any room in the household. Its vibrant red blooms perfectly complement its bright green foliage.


The majority of men prefer larger tulips in shades of purple, gold, red, or other bold hues.


What man can resist a bouquet of bold, oversized cheery sunflowers? These blooms are certainly more masculine in style, with their strong structure and dominant shades.


Said to symbolize friendship, these blooms make great flowers for men and are available in a huge variety of vibrant colours.


Old-fashioned roses in hues of maroon or deep red are certain to make an impression on the recipient. They’re an ideal bloom to gift a loved one, especially those in a romantic relationship.

Bird of paradise

If you’re looking for an over-the-top, showy flower, the bird of paradise is certain to suffice and will definitely get his attention. With paddle-shaped leaves and long elegant stems, it’s also low maintenance – perfect for those leading a busy lifestyle.

When to gift a man flowers

If you are deliberating when you should give a man a bouquet of blooms, the answer is quite simple. You can now present a man with a bouquet of bold and beautiful blooms on any occasion, be it Father’s Day, a birthday, to say congratulations, to say thank you or just because.

In terms of hue and style, men tend to prefer monochromatic arrangements and string structures. This means you’ll probably want to opt for blooms in a single colour (for example an elegant display of white orchids). A modern style of bouquet tends to fit in better with their home decor and office space, which is an important point to consider when choosing flowers for men.

Choosing the right kind of flower arrangement

This depends on the occasion you are celebrating. If it’s his birthday, you may wish to gift him something that will look good in his office, especially if sending them directly there. A lot of online florists, such as Serenata Flowers, offer same and next day delivery. For best results, choose a style suited to his personality. If you are sending a get well soon bouquet of blooms, opt for a bouquet that will make him smile in a variety of bright hues.


If you’re too nervous to send flowers, plants are a great alternative, especially if he enjoys caring for potted plants. This is a great gift for those men in your life who have gardens or for those that live in apartments as there are plants to suit all environments.

If the man in your life doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands, opt for a succulent or cactus, as this type of plant requires little care and is extremely low maintenance. If you really want to push the boat out, then you may also want to invest in a container or pot that matches the decor of his house or apartment.



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