Going the Distance – How to Make Long-distance Relationships Work

Long-distance relationships can be difficult to maintain and need to be worked on as much as an everyday relationship. This is more than possible, especially when you consider the advantages of today’s technology. If our grandparents were able to endure the occasional letter, sometimes going years without seeing their partners, surely we can make a long-distance relationship stand the test of time?

Benefits of technology

Today’s tech allows us to video call our loved ones from across the globe, make faces at each other, send a constant flow of emails, share daily news and even dine together over FaceTime – all at the touch of a button.  Some even say you put more effort into a long-distance relationship than you do into a closer relationship, as it’s often easy to take your better half for granted when you see them every day.

If you’re currently struggling to sustain a long-distance love, whether this is a long term thing or your partner has suddenly started working away, it’s wise to follow a few tips to ensure you make the most out of the situation at hand.

Prioritize your schedules well

If you live in different cities, yet wish to retain your relationship, this will take time and effort. One of the difficulties that can arise is time zones, as trying to stay awake for a 3am call means you can’t have a lively fun conversation. On the other hand, a set time can become mundane. Be mindful of each other’s work schedules and try not to become resentful if one of you can’t always make the call. If possible choose a time when you’re both relaxed and can talk privately. There will be times, as in all relationships, when things aren’t working and you need to hear your loved one’s voice for reassurance – remember they are only a call away!

Make the most of it

Surveys have shown that long-distance relationships can be less stressful and can work well, especially when it comes to focusing on your own priorities. Think about all the free time you will have to focus on mundane tasks and life admin, leaving only the quality time to be spent with your loved one.

Don’t rely solely on technology

Today it’s extremely easy to stay in touch with a distanced partner using the likes of FaceTime, videos, emails, and texts. However, this shouldn’t be your only means of contact. Sending your other half a gift to remind them you are thinking of them, such as a bouquet of beautiful blooms, a plant, or a hamper, is a great way to boost their spirits and confidence in the relationship. The likes of Serenata Flowers have a range of gifts online, all of which can be ordered at the click of a button and sent directly to your loved one’s door or place of work. There’s even the same and next day flower delivery if you’re keen for it to get there quickly!

Focus on quality communication

When living apart, the daily conversation can become mundane and repetitive. Instead of discussing all of the tasks you completed in your day, focus on the fun, interesting moments that will make your partner smile. If you only speak a few times per week, it’s important to make that phone calls meaningful and to avoid wasting time on trivialities. Remember, voices can be very evocative, sexy, and sweet, conjuring up a specific mood, allowing intimate conversations to make you both feel close, no matter how far away you are.

Let the boring details become the connection

There will be times when you’ll both want to know more about the daily going on in each other’s lives, but this doesn’t mean informing each other of what time you got up or what you had for breakfast! Yet it’s still nice to have a light funny talk about your day, as it gives those who are far away from an insight into your everyday life. Just because they are far away, this doesn’t mean you can’t make them feel connected.

Know the difference between checking up and checking in

It’s not uncommon to experience a few doubts when in a long-distance relationship. You may wonder what your partner is really up to on a daily basis, who their new friends are and why they are not answering his phone. To make this work you must be certain of each other. Trust plays a huge part in long-distance love. Expecting a partner to tell you every single detail of his or her day will quickly ruin all trust in each other. Ultimately, you must allow each other the freedom to be apart if you wish to move forward with the relationship.

Let yourself trust, then earn trust yourself

The inability to be face to face on certain issues can lead to a lot of tension in a long-distance relationship. Again, trust plays a huge part and should be earned in any relationship (long distance or not) if you want it to stand the test of time. If you arrange a call with your loved one, be sure to stick to the time promised and always reply to texts when you receive them and not days later with an excuse. When you start to become inattentive and always appear busy, this is when the relationship will start to fall apart!

Source: psychologytoday.com

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