Varieties of Indoor Grass Plants

Indoor grass plants make perfect plants for the home and office as they add colour, ambiance, and elegance to desks, coffee tables, shelving units, and other surfaces.

Thankfully it’s now easier than ever to bring the colour, fragrance, and characteristics of the outdoors inside with the addition of grass plants.

Whether you choose to grow a decorative mat of turfgrass or opt for a small ornamental indoor grass display sporadically placed in containers, there are a number of options to choose from.

How to use indoor grass plants

It may come as surprising news to some that turf grasses can be grown indoors. With the advent of new species and online florists, this is now very much a possibility, with many variants able to flourish indoors. Turfgrass be germinated from seed or grown in containers.

Smaller displays, such as low dishes or pots comprising turf grass can create interesting centerpieces for coffee tables and dining room tables, while larger indoor grass displays can be used to cover balcony floors or internal rooftop gardens.

If you’re keen to add some cottage-style décor or a farmhouse kitchen feel to your home, some small pots of indoor grass plants are just what you need.

Choose a variety that matches your interior

The best indoor grass plants to choose surround not only a personal choice but the environment you’re able to offer them. It’s therefore wise to consider several factors, including both climate and lighting.

Once you have chosen an indoor grass plant, you can fashion it as you please and prune it, or alternatively, let it grow wild. Both styled and unruly indoor grass plants are fashionable today, so which you choose should come down to your own interior style.

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to storing and displaying indoor grasses too, as you can pick from vases or a number of other containers.

From old food cans or cups to empty shampoo containers, it’s possible to grow several species of indoor grass in just about anything you choose. Larger varieties will require bigger containers, so it’s important to know how tall your grasses could become.

Taller indoor glass plants

Tall, traditional grass plants create interesting architectural statement pieces, while pruned variants add both order and lushness to any interior container garden. There are many species of indoor grass to choose from, as well as an assortment of bold and beautiful turf grasses, which will thrive in almost any container.

If you’re looking to add texture to your home, add ornamental indoor grasses to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. These plants will also add movement to any potted displays.

Common grass houseplants such as optics plants, variegated carex, zebra grass, or corkscrew rush all grow extremely well in containers and are able to thrive in a variety of light levels in the home.

The majority of indoor grass plants can be grown flat from seed. Simply sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the soil and cover with a thin layer of sand.

Keep the flat or pot moist but not saturated and you’ll begin to see growth in a week or two. These baby grass plants will continue to thrive if cared for in the correct manner.

If you’re looking for something a little more striking in style, opt for fescues, such as the red fescue or the tall fescue, both of which look majestic in a variety of strategically placed interior pots.

It’s important to note that you will need a little more space to house these variants of grass plants.

The best grasses for growing indoors

One of the most successful grasses to grow indoors comes in the shape of ryegrass. This particular species of indoor grass produces a variety of interesting panicles in the spring months and grows extremely rapidly.

Wheatgrass is another common grass houseplant to choose if you wish to add colour and structure to your interior space, and is often used as an edible, which makes it a great plant for the kitchen – especially if you’re into your healthy wheatgrass smoothies.

Cat grass, another great indoor grass plant option, which comes in the shape of a grass mixture grown from wheat, barley, oats, or rye, is also a popular choice for the home environment.

This species of plant can be bought in kit form or grown straight from seed. It’s important to note that if you have pet cats, they will love this plant!

Another prevalent choice is bamboo, which acts as a great indoor grass plant if you live in a smaller apartment, as it comes in a range of dwarf varieties that are well suited to indoor container growing.

How to care for indoor grass plants

Like any other indoor or outdoor plant, every specie of indoor grass plants is different and requires a different level of care as a result. Asides from considering location and lighting, it’s also important to consider how often the plant requires water and whether or not it requires plant food or fertilizer.

If you travel a lot or work from home on a regular basis, you should choose a low-maintenance indoor grass plant as that will give it the best chance of survival.

However, if you’re somewhat of a gardening connoisseur, opt for something riskier and a grass plant that will require you to tend to it on a regular basis.

For best results, start small and build your indoor grass plant collection gradually. This way you’ll be able to see which variants work for your interior space and also your level of gardening expertise.

This is when doing your research is always a good idea and with some careful consideration, you should be able to ensure you get the most out of your indoor grass plants.

If you’re unsure of which species might be best for your home environment, seek advice from your local florist, a garden center, or online. They usually complete plant and flower delivery next or same day.


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