Indirect Light Houseplants

Plants can be a joy everyone, which is why many people fill their gardens and homes with an assortment of flowers and shrubs. There are an array of wonderful plants to choose from, in a variety of shades and sizes, although it’s important to remember that not everybody will have a garden. This is when indoor plants come into their own, making a house come alive.

A lot of people assume houseplants need lots of light to thrive but this isn’t always true. You can forget about needing to crowd the windowsill too, as there is plenty of shade-tolerant, indirect light houseplants to choose from, which are very easy to maintain. Here we have listed a selection of the top plants to pick for you home, so you can enjoy some much-needed greenery.

Aralia Ming

This is an excellent plant to choose if you’re looking for a plant that is extremely tolerant of poor light conditions, and which is a good shrub to survive the winter months. To help your plant prosper, water the Arabia weekly and avoid placing it in strong sunlight. Providing you follow these tips, it will thrive happily, adding fragrance and colour to your home.

Japanese Sago Palm

The sleek uncluttered lines of the modern house cry out for this palm tree. It’s a smaller version of the standard palm tree that’s very easy to maintain, meaning you can add vibrancy to any dark corners of your home.

Nerve Plant

Often referred to as fittonia, this plant likes sunlight but is equally able to tolerate a poorly lit corner of any room in the household. The colour will be less vibrant in such conditions, but it will still add interest to many areas of the home.

Devils Ivy

The plant, also known as pothos, is very fast-growing. When placed outside, it will quickly cover a wall, however, when kept potted indoors, it can be contained and works well to add colour to duller areas.

Ponytail Palm

Depending on the size of the pot you choose, this plant can be contained in one area, making it’s a great option for smaller rooms. Alternatively, it can be grown to the size of a tree! This is an indoor plant that will survive well in a variety of gloomy corners.

Weeping Fig Tree

Despite its name, it’s certainly not a sad plant! The Weeping Fig Tree not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the home, but it is also easy to care for a shrub that requires regular watering and trimming to keep it healthy. Providing you care for this plant in the correct manner, it will thrive indoors as an indirect light houseplant.


At last, a plant for a steamy windowless room! This is the perfect plant to choose if you wish to brighten up a bathroom, as this tropical plant is used to humid conditions. It is also very happy under a fluorescent light, meaning it can be kept in nearly every room of the house.

Snake Plant

Although the Snake Plant thrives in sunlight, this easy to maintain plant is also able to withstand dimmer lighting and gloomy spots in the home. It must not be overwatered as this will rot the roots, otherwise, the Snake Plant is extremely easy to care for and represents a pretty addition the home.

Peace Lily

These beautiful, flowering tropical blooms are extremely tolerant to low light, however, it’s important to note they don’t tend to flower as much without the sun.


This picture-perfect, green plant is as low-maintenance as they come, and while its hues are brighter when grown in brighter light, they still thrive in low light too.

Oyster plant

When looking for an indirect light houseplant that will add colour to your home, the Oyster Plant is a great option to choose from. In fact, it thrives in low light, showcasing a beautiful purple hue, although again, is bolder when grown in brighter light. In addition to its pretty colour, it’s also a low maintenance plant, making it ideally suited to those who have a busy schedule.

Parlor Plant

This shrub, also known as the Victorian parlor palm, is celebrated for its resilience. It boasts a series of pretty feathery leaves that promise to liven up any bland, shady corner in your home. It does well in medium light but can also tolerate lower light conditions. Its cousin, the majesty palm, is another great plant to pick when trying to add interest to a shady area.


When growing this plant, keep in mind that it prefers filtered light. For best results, use a curtain as a barrier between the plant and the sunlight, especially during the spring and summer months when the plant is producing new, tender leaves.

ZZ Plant

With its thick, waxy green leaves, the ZZ plant is a great option for those who wish to add colour to their home. It’s also a low maintenance choice, as its care needs are limited.


This plant is renowned for its interesting spiky leaves that grow upwards. They have a red outline, which adds glamour to the plant. Try to avoid any excess sunlight as this can damage the Dracaena, so try to place it in an area that offers both sunlight and shade if you can.

Spider Plant

This plant’s versatility makes it extremely easy to grow and it is, therefore, a prevalent choice among those looking for a low maintenance shrub. It’s also very easy to breed and therefore, share with others. It is able to withstand a great deal of neglect and can thrive as an indirect light houseplant.


This very cute plant boasts thick leaves that are spoon-like in shape. It is a pet-friendly and low-light tolerant option.

Chinese evergreen

This is the perfect plant to make you feel like a proficient gardener! It is such a tolerant durable species and a great indirect light houseplant to opt for as it is able to thrive in low-lit areas. On top of this, it requires very little attention, so if you’re used to plants giving up on you, try this one.

Investing in indoor plants is very easy and many of the plants offered today can be ordered online at an online florist. You don’t need to wait long for them to arrive either, as a number of florists offer same day and next day plant and flower delivery.


Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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