How to Use Flowers for Feng Shui at Home

If you’re familiar with feng shui, you may already know the right blooms are able to bring you wealth, health, love and success. But if you’re yet to come across the popular Chinese art form, here’s how flowers in your home could make a difference…

The story behind feng shui

According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the way in which someone arranges furniture can play a determining factor in the type of ‘energy’ that flows throughout the house, creating a good or negative outcome. Flowers, when placed in certain positions throughout the household can have a similar effect.

For example, having an orchid strategically positioned in your home could be the secret to finding love. Similarly, certain blooms can alter or enhance the ambiance of a space. This is particularly the case with coloured flowers, which are renowned for their positive energy, while others are said to have healing powers.

So what is feng shui? It’s described as one of the Five Arts of Chinese metaphysics and professes to bring comfort, balance, and harmony to your home, or any environment for that matter. Practicing this ancient art can impact your mental and physical health, worldly success, and relationships.

How to combine blooms and feng shui

Use flowers to attract and keep love: Begin by locating the far right corner of your bedroom. Before doing anything, give this space a thorough clean. The next step requires you to add a little rose oil to a towel and wipe down the space, including the wall and floor.

Consider the placement of flowers in a vase: According to Feng Shui Bagua, it’s important to place blooms on the right side of the bed or at the far right of an entranceway.

Use flowers to trigger passion: Red roses are said to be the best option for enticing romance into your life. Why? They’re renowned worldwide for being the flower of love, whilst the hue denotes feelings of deep passion, romance, true love, and desire. As well as red roses, red carnations, or other flowers boasting similar hues will also work.

In fact, in the language of blooms, carnations are representative of pure love and good luck. It’s wise to opt for the deepest shade of red carnation, as it is symbolic of deeper love, passion, and affection.

Of course, there’s plenty of other flowers that you could consider too. So here are some of the best blooms to invest in if you wish to enhance the chi of your home or office space….


Whether you’re searching for Mrs or Mr. Right, or alternatively, looking to add spice to an existing relationship, peonies are the blooms for you.

They’re symbolic of love and romance, and in particular red peonies, which are said to entice new love into your life. Alternatively, opt for pink peonies to ensure an existing love stays strong and lasts the test of time.


Looking to take the next step on the career ladder? The Orchid is a great bloom to invest in and is one that is said to promote both success and opportunity. An alternative to the orchid is the white narcissus, which is believed to help boost a burgeoning career. For best results, place a vase of these blooms in your home office or study.

Tulips, chrysanthemums, paperwhites, narcissus, lilies, gladioli, and Iris

If you’re struggling with money worries, try placing the likes of chrysanthemums, narcissus, paperwhites, tulips, lilies, iris, and gladioli in the home. Chrysanthemums are also said to bring balance into your property – a must for when life is getting on top of you, especially for those who have hectic, fast-paced jobs and intense social lives.

Shades of orange and yellow are representative of the sun, and blooms in these colours can help bring happiness and health.

Plants and feng shui

All in all, the majority of plants can help to add elements of feng shui to your home, provided that you care for them well. It’s best to opt for plants boasting rounded, soft leaves as opposed to any sharp edges or angled corners.

That’s because these shrubs are renowned for promoting nourishing, gentle energy. When considering feng shui, among the best plants to invest in are:

• The Boston Fern
• Areca Palm
• Mother in Law’s Tongue
• Lucky Bamboo
• Golden Pothos

Whether you are setting up a new space, moving home, or redesigning an existing environment, ensuring you do so with feng shui in mind is a great way to bring balance into your home, and ultimately, into your life.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, there are plenty of how-to guides (complete with imagery) online, as well as step-by-step tips and video tutorials. Get set to feel a positive energy that blooms can bring!


Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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