How to Never Forget an Occasion Again

We live in an extremely fast-paced world, with many of us have demanding jobs with tight deadlines to meet, busy social lives, and equally busy home lives. With this in mind, it can be easier than we think to forget a birthday, an anniversary or an engagement. In fact, some of us struggle to keep up with what month it is, let alone what day it is! So how do we keep those important dates fresh in our minds? There are many ways to do so, some of which we have listed below…

Buy a calendar

A simple calendar that you can attach to the wall is a great way to ensure you remember important dates. Get into the habit of checking it every morning before you leave the house or every evening before bed. You could even opt to colour code it – one shade for birthdays, another for work occasions, another for school events, and a different colour for family and friends, for example. It’s also fun to choose a new one for the beginning of the new year, as you can even create personalized calendars with pictures of friends and family online.

Add reoccurring dates to your phone diary

When adding a date to your phone or laptop calendar, be sure to make it reoccurring so that you’re reminded of the same date every year without having to re-enter it. This works for the likes of family and friends’ birthdays, anniversaries (even your own – it’s surprising how many forget this date), and regular work celebrations.

Sync calendars

If you have online calendars on your laptop, computer, tablet, and phone, be sure to sync all of your calendars to avoid missing any special occasions. This is easy to do and means you will be prompted on all platforms. You can even set up reminders in your diary for the most important key dates!

Write notes!

From sticky notes attached to the fridge to notes in your personal diary, or even online notes, adding special dates to all of these mediums is a great way to prompt yourself of an upcoming birthday, a friend’s anniversary, or perhaps a niece or nephews’ graduation date.

Order in advance or place reoccurring orders

A number of online sites will allow you to place orders in advance, meaning you can ensure the gift you are sending gets to the recipient on the day of the occasion they are celebrating. Some sites, including online florist ‘Serenata Flowers’ even allow you to set up rolling gifts, meaning you pick the gifts in advance, select the delivery address and the date you’d like them to arrive, all in one go – and for as many or as few people as you desire. Their same and next day flower delivery options are also a godsend to those who remember an occasion at the very last minute! Just be sure to order before the cut off time.

Get your PA (if you have one) to remind you of these dates

If you’re lucky enough to have a Personal Assistant, ensure they have a copy of your diary and all the important dates. As well as reminding you of those dates, they can also assist when it comes to ordering and sending gifts to your nearest and dearest, as well as to colleagues and valued clients. This may be a bouquet of birthday flowers for your daughter, a hamper for your son, anniversary blooms for your wife, or a bottle of wine for a client or friend. You could also invest in a personal assistant app as an alternative!

Set up alerts on social media

Social media platforms send notifications on a daily basis, letting you know which of your friends are celebrating their birthdays on that day. You can also check who is due to celebrate a birthday in the coming days. This is an easy way to check if any special occasions are coming up, especially if you have the application downloaded on your phone. You may also notice people celebrating engagements or marriages via changes in status and notifications as you scroll through your timeline.

Better late than never

Even if you do forget someone’s birthday, anniversary, or engagement, you can still send them a little something such as a belated bouquet of blooms. It’s the thought that counts and a gift that arrives a little late is better than no gift at all! Simply add a note to the gift that states why the gift is late or a quick ‘sorry I forgot, hopefully, this makes up for it’. Try to pick something you know they will love or a gift that is personal, such as their favourite bottle of wine, their preferred blooms, or even their birth flowers (if the occasion is a birthday).

Source: superworkingmum.com

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