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Global Parents Day

If you’re thinking it’s about time that you showed both your parents just how much they mean to you, the 01 June is your perfect moment!

Why, you ask.

Because it is Global Parents Day!

The optimum time to show both your mum and dad just how grateful you are for everything they have done for you over the years, it’s a great way to celebrate both the individuals who gave you life.

For those of you who didn’t know about this day of parents until just now, don’t panic! It’s only been around since 2012 so you’re not lagging too far behind and there’s still plenty of time to sort out your gifts for this year.

What is Global Parents Day?

Global Parents Day was announced by the UN General Assembly three years ago on September 17, 2012.

It gives kids from every corner of the globe the chance to honor and thank their parents at the same time but can be celebrated in addition to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The UN thought it was important to have an annual celebration of parents that involved everyone around the world.

Every parent – no matter what their race, religion or nationality – plays a huge role in the education, nurturing and protection of their children. This is the global function of a parent and as part of the International Human Rights Framework put in place by the UN.

According to the UN:

“Parents are the anchors of the family and the foundation of our communities and societies”

So, it’s important we get celebrating our loving parents.

The annual holiday came as part of the UN believing that all countries and governments should place even more importance on the role of the family and predominantly the parents – a pretty cool idea isn’t it?

The day is all about not just honoring or appreciating your mum or your dad, but acknowledging the huge role they both play as parents in your life.

Global Parents Day is like a huge pat on the back to each and every parent who has ever stayed up late to read a Peppa Pig book when they have work the next day – or worked late on a science project that was due in, in the morning.

Parents Day around the world

Now, it’s important to acknowledge that Global Parents Day did only get reinforced in 2012, but, countries like the USA, South Korea , and Vietnam have been celebrating their parents since 1994.


The American’s began celebrating their parents due to President Bill Clinton initiating the idea. This day gives the kids of the USA the rare opportunity to thank their parents with gifts and cards. You’ll also find numerous parties and family get-to-together going on throughout the country on this day – normally celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July.

South Korea

Here, Parents Day is held on May the 8th every year and is celebrated by both families and the Government. Children often give their parents carnation flowers while the public celebrations held by the Government often involve awards given to the ‘parents of the year’ and street parties.

Parent’s Day first came to South Korea during the 1930s when the significance of Mother’s Day was discussed and leaders of the country decided it should be held on 08 May. However, Father’s Day was soon to become an issue – why weren’t the fathers of South Korea being celebrated?

As a result, the country decided to have a Parent Day on 08 May to celebrate both mums and dads.


Parents Day is a huge celebration throughout Vietnam where children grab the opportunity to shower their parents with gifts from both hands. This day often involves big family dinners with restaurants always packed to the brim.

Celebrating parents

Just as with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Global Day of Parents is celebrated in different ways in different countries but most countries celebrate it on 01 June – the day specified by the UN – to give this celebration unprecedented global recognition.

This global celebration gives thanks to all the adults in the world who have made the tough decision to be a parent – who sat in the front row of every school assembly and put their children’s needs first and their own needs last.

So, go ahead. This 01 June celebrate just how fantastic your parents are by marking Global Day of Parents in style! Get them a gift, send them on a weekend away – do anything that tells your folks just how much you love and appreciate everything they have ever done for you.

After all, without them you wouldn’t be where you are today.

Thanks, mum and dad!

Featured image: www.worldreligionnews.com

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