4 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s admit it. No matter how green your fingers may be, we are all prone to making a few common mistakes.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a science to gardening and it’s important to get it right to ensure your lawn IS the best in the town.

So, roll up your sleeves and read on!

4 Gardening mistakes to avoid

1. Starting out too big

Something you might be guilty about too.

We’ve all seen those fantastic images in the gardening magazines or shows. Every plant looks like a supermodel of the plant world, with their perfect green leaves and strong stem. In reality, this can be pretty tricky to achieve.

Take our advice and don’t start big! One thing you want to avoid is getting disappointing at the beginning. Plan small and extend later.

If you don’t have the space for the largest amount of plants, don’t plant them. Planting a bigger garden than you can either handle or have the room for is a huge mistake. For one, it takes a great amount of time, that if you’re a busy working parent you might not have the time for.

Also, if you don’t have the room for these plants, they won’t survive and you will feel guilty and lost a whole bunch of cash.

By starting small, you can gain a greater sense of accomplishment and also learn about the different types of plants. Without feeling obligated to have the largest garden in your neighborhood, you will also find you enjoy gardening a lot more.

2. Watering blunders

It doesn’t matter that you’ve been watering your garden for x years. You’re bound to make a watering blunder at some point.

It’s important to remember that your goal is to keep your soil damp – not waterlogged. This will encourage the roots of your beautiful blooms to grow but water them too much and the roots will drown and ultimately die.

Different plants require different watering habits. It is essential that you educate yourself on what your plants have and adhere to those needs. Plants with bigger roots like trees and shrubs need a good deep soak once or twice a week. Seasonal flowers need to be watered three to four times a week during the summer but rarely during cooler months.

It is important to give plenty of attention to new flowers as they begin to grow. Their roots are a great deal more delicate so be careful not to give them too much water.

3. Overcrowding problems

This is a detrimental decision. It not only creates more competition between plants for the precious nutrients in the soil but it also makes them compete for sunlight. That means the roots don’t have enough room to grow properly.

More robust plants will push others out of the way and that means you may not get the colorful and varied flowerbed you hoped or paid for.

You will find this to be the case with both vegetables and flowers. It is vital to give your plants and seeds the room they need to germinate and grow to their full potential.

4. Forgetting to improve soil

Very few of us are blessed with amazing soil in our back gardens.

In fact, for most of us in Britain it’s more like clay or rocks along with compacted soil. Despite this, there are so many of us who still just plant our bulbs in the garden without any work on the soil and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy and your plants will benefit if you give the soil a little boost.

Before planting, lay some organic soil onto the existing soil in your garden. About one or two inches will be fine and compost is the best choice as it provides all the nutrients your plants need to prosper.

Becoming a green-fingered god or goddess

Now that you are aware of these common gardening mistakes you can be sure to fix any problems you may have and create the best garden in town. By ensuring your plants are spaced out in the best soil and given just enough water, you can guarantee they’ll flourish time and time again.

So, go into your garden right now and make the changes you need to and become a true green-fingered god or goddess.

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