Garden Trends for 2021

Looking for inspiration for your garden and outdoor living areas for the coming year? Then look no further! We’ve rounded up a handful of garden trends for 2021, suited to all styles and spaces.

Listed below, you’ll discover the top trends set to dominate next year, including concepts for small spaces, balconies, larger spaces, wildlife-friendly areas, and those inspired by next season’s colours.

Balcony gardens

At the top of the list for 2021 are balconies. In fact, this theme boasts nearly 100,000 Instagram posts. Next year, expect to see an array of city-dwellers transforming their balconies into urban jungles complete with on-trend plants, comfy furnishings, and accessories galore, particularly in the shape of outdoor rugs and ambient lighting.

This is particularly [prevalent as individuals have sought to make the most of any outdoor spaces as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. The plants you choose should coincide with your chosen theme, with popular options being lavender, jasmine, foxglove, snake plants, bamboo, eucalyptus, and peace lilies.

Pick any of these options and you’ll ensure a fragrant, stylish space perfect for a chilled evening or outdoor entertaining.

Windowsill gardens

If you reside in a small apartment and don’t have the luxury of outdoor space, a windowsill garden is a perfect option and a trend set to make a huge impact in 2021.

It’s also a popular choice for those who share a house with others too. This type of garden is a great way to make the most of your windowsill, whilst at the same time, creating an Insta-worthy indoor jungle.

Some of the best plants to opt for include those that will add a little zing to your cooking, including herbs such as kale, chili, baby beetroot, onion, pea shoots, and spinach.

Wild gardens

Looking to create an idyllic haven for birds, bees, butterflies, and hedgehogs? One way to do this is to allow plants and flowers to grow wild. 2021 is set to showcase some of the best wild gardens yet, with gardeners left, right, and center planting blooms that promise to attract wildlife and insects to their outdoor spaces. Unsure of where to start?

Choose single-flowering varieties of plants and open blooms. To achieve that carefree look, wild grass is a must, as plant vines ramble over walls and fences.

These shrubs are a perfect option for those who wish to hide man-made structures, whilst also creating a wild and untamed look in a single season.

White garden

Whether it is contemporary blooms or dazzling white furniture, white gardens are set to rise to the top of the garden stakes come 2021. In fact, they’ve steadily been growing in popularity over recent years.

Top tips to create a white garden include beginning with a dark backdrop, changing up the foliage, and opting for various shapes and sizes. The final stage? Add some eye-catching white blooms to fill the space.

Marble sculptures can add further focal points, especially if you have an area with space for tables and seating.

Inside outside

Our gardens are an extension of our indoor spaces, and this is one of the reasons 2021 will see more of us invest in garden rugs, outdoor sofas, potted plants, and weatherproof cushions.

The inside-outside garden trend focuses on flow – simply put, your inside space will flow to your outdoor space. Opt for shrubs and blooms that work both indoors and outside in order to create a transition between the two spaces.

Prevalent plants for this theme include geraniums, boxwood, and calla lily. Having several houseplants that match those found in your outdoor spaces is an easy way of aiding the transition from indoor to out.

Grey gardens

Grey is certainly having a moment and may just be one of the most prevalent paint hues for the home. As soon as 2021 arrives, expect to see this hue trickle into our outdoor spaces.

For best results and in order to create the perfect grey garden, it is a good idea to match your choice of plants with grey man-made touches. This technique guarantees to complement the colour and make the hue really pop.

Purple is a great colour to match with grey, as are pastel pinks and shades of pearl.

Tiny gardens

With a tiny garden, 2021 will be all about making space seem bigger than it actually is. Options comprise growing up, in order to make the most of the garden’s vertical space, creating a series of minimalist pathways, and laying borders.

It’s a good idea to fashion specific zones and when considering plants, add an injection of colour to your outside space with the likes of eye-popping perennials including Geranium Rozanne and Geum.

Climbers are a great option for a tiny garden too, although you’ll want to manage them carefully to ensure they don’t dominate the space.

Cottage gardens

Another trend set to dominate 2021 is the cottage garden and it’s easy to see why. It’s an extremely easy trend to recreate, providing you follow a few top tips. Cottage gardens boast extremely distinct styles and comprise a series of statement design features, as well as an informal style.

Traditional materials perfectly complement dense plantings with a combination of edible and ornamental plants.

This trend is the ideal option for those wishing to emanate grace and charm while creating an environment that you’ll always want to relax in.

Raised garden beds

With a smaller garden, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to make space look bigger. Ways to do this include growing up rather than across through a series of raised garden beds.

Using your space in this way enables you to make focal points to dominate the area, taking attention away from the size of the garden itself.

Permaculture gardens

This holistic gardening trend — often known as ‘permanent agriculture’ — is one that is in line with natural forces to provide shelter, food, and water for your outdoor space and the plants contained within.

From the sun, wind, and rain alone, your garden should have all it requires to thrive.



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