Flowers on the Runway!

With many of the world’s most stylish cities recently playing host to their own spectacular fashion weeks, haute couture is at the forefront of all our minds.

From bright, bold prints to gravity-defying accessories, all of the latest ‘fads’ could be seen on the catwalk.

Though many fashions come and go, something that’s always on trend is flowers. Timeless, elegant and stylish; stylish flowers are often center stage on some of the most high profile catwalks and collections in the world. From floral patterns to decorations, there are lots of ways to use flowers in fashion.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective ways:

1. Decoration

If you’re planning a fashion event of your own, using flowers to decorate the space is a great way to enhance your venue and bring the event to life.

The way you use the flowers and the type of blooms you choose will, of course, depend on the type of event you’re running and the look you want to create.

For bold, modern events opt for large, contemporary flowers like lilies or Amazonias. This will help you to create a simple but effective decorative look that will form the perfect backdrop for your event.

For more informal events or shows that are using more earthy themes, eclectic bouquets work brilliantly; adding colour, visual interest, and charm to the display.

2. Accessories and jewelry

The use of flowers in jewelry and accessories has a strong tradition in most countries, with many cultures featuring festivals or ceremonies that call for flower garlands, flower broaches or crowns made from flowers.

Make flowers a prominent part of an outfit by placing a large bloom on the chest or creating a flower necklace. Alternatively, use species with smaller petals as buttonholes or to create subtle finishing touches.

3. Prints

For those who don’t want to include live flowers in their fashion event, a great way to incorporate a natural element is to opt for bold floral prints.

From scarves to skirts and hats to jackets, floral prints can be used to enhance a huge range of outfits and accessories, adding a bright, colorful touch to the catwalk and creating a stunning unified look for your event.

Natural, beautiful and charming; flowers make fantastic additions to fashion events of all types. offers a wide range of flowers with both large and small petals. So the next time you’re planning a walk down the catwalk, why not add a floral touch of your own?

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