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Flower Crafts for Kids

Making a flower craft is a fun way to learn about nature.

Creating crafts with real flowers, also known as blooms, gives you the opportunity to look at them as well as touch and smell them. You can use blooms you find out in the yard or recycle some that are ready to be thrown away. You can also learn a lot about flowers when you use tissue paper, pipe cleaners, paints and other materials to create a unique craft. Making this type of craft gives you the chance to take a closer look at what a flower looks like. Check out a variety of exciting flower craft ideas.

You can get very creative when you make crafts using real flowers. There are lots of opportunities for a kid to recycle old blooms. For example, say someone receives a bouquet of beautiful red roses for her birthday. After a week, the roses are starting to wilt, so she decides to throw them out. She can take one or two of the roses from the bouquet and dry the petals to make potpourri. Potpourri is a collection of dried flower petals with a pleasant fragrance. In order to dry the rose petals, you must peel individual petals from each rose and place them on a page in the middle of an open dictionary. Be sure to allow about two inches of space between each petal. After putting down several petals, carefully close the dictionary on them. Over a period of about two weeks, the weight of the dictionary’s pages will flatten and dry the petals. You can put the dried petals into a bowl to enjoy their fragrance. Potpourri also makes a great gift for mom or dad. There are several other craft ideas that involve real blooms, as well.

It’s also really fun to make flower crafts out of simple items found around the house such as construction paper, popsicle sticks, and tiny pom poms. A tissue paper sunflower is one of the simplest and most beautiful crafts to try. The necessary supplies include a pair of scissors, one big sheet of brown tissue paper, one large sheet of bright yellow tissue paper, and one green pipe cleaner. The first step is to cut four squares of brown tissue paper, each measuring two inches long by two inches wide. Next, cut six squares of bright yellow tissue paper each measuring four inches long by four inches wide. Then, take one end of the pipe cleaner and fold it down about one inch. Pick up your stack of brown tissue paper squares and poke the unfolded end of the pipe cleaner through the middle of the stack. Slide the stack of tissue paper squares up the pipe cleaner until they are stopped by the fold at the end. Use your fingers to crush the brown tissue paper around the fold of the pipe cleaner. Repeat the same process with the stack of bright yellow tissue paper. Once again, crush the yellow tissue paper so it looks like the petals of a sunflower gathered around a brown seedy center. The instructions for this craft can be adjusted to make the sunflower larger, smaller or even create an entire bouquet. Or, you can make another type of flower using tissue paper of different colors. Hydrangeas, peonies, and carnations are all examples of colorful blooms perfect for this craft. Kids doing this craft may want to look at a picture of the flower they are making in order to position the tissue paper in the right way.

Flower crafts can be worlds of fun. When you’re done, you may want to try growing some real live ones, as well. You may also want to read about the history of a particular flower or find out more about its growing cycle. Creating a simple flower craft can spark a lifelong interest in flowers and how they grow!

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