Five Reasons to Send Flowers in November

Sandwiched between the warm summer months and the much anticipated festive season, November is all too often overlooked as a time for gift giving.

However, with a smattering of holidays and special occasions to consider, the month has plenty to celebrate.

So, why not take the opportunity to connect with your loved ones this November by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Serenata Flowers?

Here are five reasons to send flowers this November:

1. Birthdays

With the winter nights drawing in and the days getting colder and damper, a bunch of bright, fresh flowers makes a great gift for someone with a November birthday.

Perfect for dispelling the winter blues and bringing a bit of color into the home, bright bold flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds will make great bouquets and fantastic gifts.

2. Remembrance Sunday

If one of your friends or family members has lost a loved one during a military conflict, however long ago it was; Remembrance Sunday is likely to be a very poignant time for them.

Taking place on Sunday that falls closest to the 11th of November, sending an elegant bouquet for Remembrance Day is a thoughtful way to pay your respects.

3. Anniversaries

Like birthdays, anniversaries fall throughout the year and are a great excuse to send a beautiful bunch of flowers to a loved one.

Lilies, roses and other elegant blooms are perfect for anniversary bouquets – though there are no hard and fast rules so just select whichever flowers you love the most.

4. Advent

The four weeks leading up to Christmas are known as the advent and the first day of advent always falls in November.

This year Advent begins on the 30th of the month so you’ve got plenty of time to organize a stunning bouquet with which to celebrate this festive event.

5. A surprise

It’s no secret that everyone likes surprises and what better surprise is there than receiving a bunch of flowers completely out of the blue?

So if you’ve got a wife, girlfriend, husband or parent that deserves an extra bit of love this November, why not simply surprise them with a stunning floral arrangement for no reason at all?

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