Dining with Flowers: 10 Tablescapes Ideas We Love

Bold and beautiful flower arrangements are a simple yet effective way to add vibrancy, colour, and drama to an otherwise simple table set-up, creating bright, seasonal, and fresh dining room decor. Floral table displays are aesthetically pleasing, unique, attractive, and versatile, regardless of whether they come in the shape of an eccentric centerpiece or sophisticated embellishments.

Occasions and events

Floral tablescapes are ideal for numerous events, including everything from Halloween and Christmas to Easter and more. You can opt for a quirky display, or alternatively, an over the top romantic arrangement –with so many options to choose from, there is a style, theme, and colour scheme to suit all.

How to update a minimalistic room

Table flower arrangements are a spectacular, meaningful, and bright way to add decoration to an otherwise minimalist room or bare venue. They’re a great option to choose for a special birthday, an extravagant soirée, an engagement party, or a wedding. Because of their growing popularity, more and more creatives are adding inspiring floral centerpieces and table decor ideas to their Instagram accounts, many of which will inspire you to bring colour, texture, and a fresh aroma into your home.

The meanings behind blooms

Flowers are symbolic table centerpieces that enhance room decor and have many different meanings. For example, cornflowers symbolize trust, whilst ivy plants conjure up meanings of friendship. Bells mean sweetness, lilies of the valley are denoting innocence and freshness, daisy flowers symbolize modesty and flax flowers are symbolic of diligence. Then there are valerian blooms, which are symbolic of loyalty, red roses, and carnations which are symbols of passion, and yellow gilly flowers, which mean passionate love –all add beauty to table decoration. Learning about the meaning of the colors and styles of blooms will allow you to add more meaning to your table decorations. This is especially the case if you’re designing the decor for a friend or family member, while a hot hued flower arrangement can also make a statement.

Colour flower arrangements for tables

1. Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to look for decor inspiration. If you’re planning on hosting a haunted dinner, opt to add an assortment of flowers in various shades of orange to your table. You may even wish to display these in Halloween style vessels, such as pumpkin plant pots or alternatively, create pumpkin runners. Halloween decorations don’t need to be expensive to look the part, especially when it comes to decorating a table. Opt for fairy lights shaped like ghosts, witches hats, broomsticks, and cobwebs for best results. When it comes to Halloween flowers, choose those that are available in a variety of autumn hues.

2. Pastel hues

Table decoration with fresh blooms in varying pale hues, such as pink or light yellow shades are excellent for engagement parties, however, extremely pale white blooms also look great when paired with autumnal shades. Vases, jugs, and glass jars are great options to use when it comes to creating your table displays. For best results use arrangements that boast lilies, violets, or lilac. These displays can be elegant yet inexpensive.

3. Tall flower arrangements

If using tall flowers, place these to one side of the table so that guests are able to see one and other. Choose shorter florals for the table centerpiece. If designing with youth in mind, simple glass jars or glass bowls are perfect for a younger style of table decoration, whilst crystal glass vases and ceramic bowls in vintage designs are better suited to mature tastes.

4. Bright and festive table decoration

If you’re looking to push the boat out, opt for blossoming red roses, oversized carnations, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lilies, and tulips. Large flower arrangements can be complemented with attractive green leaves or varying blooms in contrasting hues. To add a little extra style, invest in porcelain vases in vintage style jugs. These will add a boho feel to your table design.

5. Embellishments

Decorative candles and other accessories such as fairy lights or light up glass pumpkins can all add to your table display, making it a real masterpiece. You may even wish to dress the likes of candelabras with vintage-style blooms. Jewelry is something else that can be added to oversized blooms of any hue.

6. Rich red tablescapes

Whether it’s a romantic affair or an upscale Halloween dinner party, you may want to take inspiration from the tablescapes designed in rich red hues by wedding and events designer Paul Nasr. His bold, over the top displays, are guaranteed to impress.

7. Moody, dramatic designs

Candelabras, velvet accents, deep purple hues – all will create instant drama. Look to Raspberry Bespoke Events for inspiration when it comes to rich shades and extravagant ambiance.

8. Edible floral displays

Instead of packing away the table decorations after the event, why not eat it? Edible flowers are a huge trend in this day and age and can add instant embellishment to minimalistic dishes, or to your table display.

9. Sophisticated styles

If you want to create something extremely sophisticated in style, fit for an extravagant soirée, engagement, or wedding party, take some inspiration from Flowers Living Instagram account. Her tablescapes are certainly worth talking about and boast a variety of blooms, candles, glassware, and greenery.

10. Monochrome

Monochrome tablescapes are the perfect option for those looking for a polished and stylish approach, or for something that fits any backdrop. Simply turn to Nomi K Luxury Tableware for inspiration.


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