Congratulations on Your Engagement: Tips for Gifts & Messages

The perfect present is often difficult to get right, especially when it’s an engagement present! Unlike weddings, there are no lists to choose from. Thankfully there are lots of interesting and original gifts out there, many of which are perfectly suited to the couple to be. In fact, there is an endless variety of gift ideas, including everything from personalized products to expensive or inexpensive presents. Here is a list that should help to make choices that little bit easier…

Photo of the happy couple

In this day and age photos are often left on a phone and are seldom printed, yet they should be placed in pride of place. In order to remember the many special occasions the happy couple has shared together, it’s a great idea to frame a certain moment from their past in a stunning frame. There are a number of frames to choose from, including those with marble inlays and brass edging or more t traditional wooden variants. Irrespective of which you choose, this is a gift that is guaranteed to enhance any interior. It’s also an extremely versatile gift, as the photo can be placed anywhere the recipient’s wish to place it.


Always a much-appreciated present, you can’t go wrong when sending a bouquet of beautiful blooms. Local florists handpick engagement blooms, which makes choosing the perfect arrangement that little bit easier. Many of these arrangements are also available for the same and next day flower delivery, providing you place your order before a set cut off time. This is also a fantastic gift to choose if the happy couple lives further afield, as blooms can be ordered online and sent directly to the recipient’s door. When ordering the flowers, remember to add a personalized gift card congratulating the couple, signed by yours truly so that they know who the gift is from.

Do one thing everyday journal

This innovative gift is reasonably priced and the perfect option for those who have just announced an engagement. Couples can use the journal to write down meaningful thoughts, which they can then look back on together at a later date. The journal should start on their engagement and continue until the book is full!

Personalized wine bottle

This is a fun gift for an engagement present, as even long after the wine is drunk, the bottle remains a great memory. Choose the couple’s preferred wine and add a message, before the bottle will arrive beautifully packaged and inscribed with the words from yours truly. Every time the couple looks at the bottle, they will be reminded of their happy engagement.

A plant

Asides from adding colour and fragrance to the home, a plant also boasts a number of air-purifying properties and when placed in a cutesy pot or container, will add instant glamour to the home. There are a number of plants to choose from, so when making a decision on what to get, think about the recipient. If they’re a keen gardener, opt for something more exotic, however, if they lead a busy lifestyle and claim to be an amateur when it comes to caring for plants, choose a low-maintenance shrub, such as a succulent. Another benefit of sending a plant as an engagement gift is that you can order it online and have it delivered directly to the happy couple’s door.

An adventure print

This is a novel gift and one that has a personal feel to it. All that you need to do is find out where the couple first met or a place that means a lot to them. From this, a handcrafted piece of art will be produced, featuring words and dates that have special meanings. These prints are readily available online and come in a variety of different sizes.

A hamper

One for the foodies, a hamper brimming with sweet and savory treats is a great gift to send those celebrating an engagement. It also gives them the option to plan a romantic picnic together for when the sun is shining!

A custom pet portrait

The couple may be obsessed with their pet, as so many of us are today, so this is the ideal engagement gift for a number of people. Find a good photo of their pet and commission an artist to recreate the image. You can even make it a little more fun by adding some quirky words to it.

A champagne scented candle

If a bottle of champagne isn’t enough, opt for a wax long-lasting candle that gives off a delicious champagne scent – an ideal gift for those celebrating an engagement!

Photo album

You can’t go wrong with a gift designed to house an abundance of great memories, including pictures snapped at the upcoming wedding day! Choose an album with thick seamless pages covered by a leather or linen cover if you really want it to sand out. You can even have the couple’s initials embossed on the album and deliver it inbox as an added extra to make it truly special.

Congratulatory helium balloon

A fun engagement present consists of sending a helium balloon to the happy couple’s home with the words ‘congratulations’ splashed across the front! Alternatively, you could organize a dinner for the couple and their friends, and ensure that the balloons also make an appearance!

Source: brides.com

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