Christmas Gardens

Whether you wish to bring your Christmas garden indoors or add an injection of colour to your exterior space, there are a number of seasonal options available.

Much will depend on the size of the space you have available, while many seasonal variants will be particularly hardy, meaning they can cope with the cold a lot better than other plants.

Evergreens Christmas Centrepiece

Evergreens are possibly one of the most distinguishable icons come the winter holidays. They are also trusty shrubs when it comes to winter holiday decorations.

Aside from the warm pine fragrance they give off, their picture-perfect leaves bring sentiments of Christmas pasts.

These shrubs can be used to fashion everything from table centerpieces and holiday wreaths, to mantel decor, which makes them a popular option come Christmas time.

Holiday Potted Poinsettia

Another popular option come Christmas is the Poinsettia; a native of Mexico. Despite its once warmer climes, this specie can be grow in the UK as a Christmas plant when placed in a pot.

It’s an interesting plant to watch thrive, especially as the green leaves begin to transform into a fiery red hue, adding a hot hit of colour to your

Christmas garden in the cold winter months. When the weather isn’t freezing during the day, you can even place potted Poinsettia outdoors. The warm sun will do wonders for them and they look great as décor when placed on a front porch.

Sage Christmas Wreath

Sage isn’t only for the kitchen and it can in fact be used to fashion a wonderfully festive wreath. With their pretty silvery foliage and long, elegant stems, they have great ornamental value.

Add some holly or cranberries to create additional interest and colour.

Classic Christmas Holly Wreath

This celebrated plant is a traditional option for the Christmas season. This is partly due to its green glossy leaves and red round berries. Despite its beauty, it is also a pretty hardy plant and can withstand cooler temperatures.

In fact, few Christmas plants are as renowned as Christmas holly, which is one of the reasons it is extremely common in a number of Christmas decorations, including the likes of garlands and Christmas wreaths.

Traditional Christmas Mistletoe Kissing Bough

Christmas is a celebration of family tradition, and mistletoe is one such tradition that has been passed down the generations. Most households will have a bough or two hanging somewhere as soon as the festive period strikes.

Hanging these shrubs in your home will add a hit of freshness and an organic element to your Christmas decor.

Bay leaves Christmas Wreath

Another sought after perennial evergreen herb, which is not only used to add colour to the garden landscape, but also in the kitchen, is the bay leaf. This amazing winter plant is a must-have in every garden.

You can use it to add richness to the outdoor area, in Christmas decorations, and at a later date in cookery, providing you clean the leaves and dry them properly.

Firethorn Christmas Yule Basket

Because of its thorns, it is important to be careful when handling this plant. Alternatively, opt for a substitute such as winterberry holly. Despite their thorns, these plants add interest and glamour to the home and garden come Christmas.

To create a delightful winter basket for your Christmas garden, cut a few boughs with ivy, hollies, and pine cones.

Christmas Ivy Decor Idea

You won’t have trouble looking for this one since it is pretty common in many gardens. The variegated types are the ones usually associated with Christmas decorations.

Make sure to keep the base of your ivy cuttings in water before setting them up for decorations as they will wilt otherwise. This ivy decor idea is great in neglected corners to boost appearance.

Magnolia Christmas Wreath

Certain species of plant are able to thrive all year round and the magnolia is one such specie able to withstand the cold. It’s rich, glossy green and bronze leaves add interest and colour to any winter garden.

Many homes wishing to add a festive theme to their exterior and interior space will use magnolia leaves for both their Christmas garden and home decoration.

It’s an extremely easy plant to work with and its foliage adds interesting and glamour to Christmas decor.

Eucalyptus Wreath Idea

For a more contemporary alternative to pine and holly, choose the silvery foliage of eucalyptus to add interest to any winter garden.

DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

During the winter months, cranberries are in season. There are a number of ways you can use these shrubs to add colour and festive spirit to your winter garden and interior home.

One includes adding cranberry to Christmas wreaths to creating personalized mini wreath place cards, highlighting how you can be extra creative when creating your Christmas garden.


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