Meet the Blogger: Katy Stevens

As Mother’s Day has finished successfully and we think of our mums: how could it be difficult without them? They do all their best to share their love and affection.

At the end of Mother’s Day, we reached out to some of our favorite British bloggers to find out what Mother’s Day means to them.

Meet our third guest of the series, the blogger behind Katy Stevens. She is a devoted wife and happy mother of her daughter – Daisy Blue. Katy has been blogging for a long time and does know everything about being a “wonder woman” and maintain a balance between family and work.

Please tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging?

I started blogging in 2014 because I wanted to share with people ways to make and save money online. Over time my blog has become more about my lifestyle, and my family too. I love sharing posts with my readers and reading messages from people that I have helped.

Why did you choose this niche for your blog?

Money management is something that I love, feel knowledgeable about, and love to help others with. There are so many ways that you can manage your money better, and I love to share a few of my tips and insights with others.

What do you think mums most appreciate on Mother’s Day?

I personally would just love a day off. No chores, no work, no nappies to change. Being able to have a whole day off, without having to catch up another day for it, would be fantastic.

What would be the best Mother’s Day gift?

I think the best gift you can give someone is your time. Whether that is time together, to go out, time together to relax or just some time to speak on the phone. Time is often in short supply so I like to try and make time to see my Mum on or around Mother’s Day.

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How did you surprise your mom this Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s Day I always like to treat my Mum to a day or meal out, one which I attend to. That way she gets a nice treat and we get some time together too. Because I am a Mum myself now and celebrate Mother’s Day, we tend to go out a few weeks later.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day last year?

I spent it at home with my daughter and husband. It’s nice to have a day that is dedicated to me just relaxing and everyone being grateful for what I do for them. I do the same for my husband on Father’s Day.

Flowers or brunch – which one do you think mums prefer more?

I would do both! That way we get some nice time together and then my Mum has a nice visual reminder of our time together for a week or so.

What are some crazy things your kids have said or done on Mother’s Day?

My daughter gave me some treats and then immediately asked me when we were going to share them! Of course, we did share them but it made me laugh as she was only just 2 at the time.

What would be the best wish for mother’s day?

I wish that everyone, including those grieving for their own Mothers, can have a wonderful day of rest, relaxing and enjoying the family that they have around them.

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