15 Most Beautiful Black Flowers

Black flowers are extremely unique in their appearance.

However, it’s impossible for a bloom to be completely black, and what many perceive to be black, is in fact a deep shade of purple. Because they’re so rare, dark coloured blooms add instant intrigue to a bouquet or garden arrangement and suggest mystery, elegance and power.

So if you’re looking to add something a little different to your floral display, here are a few of the most beautiful black flowers out there.

15 Beautiful Black Flowers

Queen of the Night Tulip

Black tulips are both distinctive and exotic looking. In a floral arrangement, they work well with yellow, white or pink tulips and look stunning when paired with yellow pansies.

They bloom in the spring and can grow up to 24 inches in height.

They’re also extremely low-maintenance, which makes them a popular choice for gardeners with busy schedules.

black flowers
source: vanengelen.com

Purple Calla Lily

This flower makes a dramatic statement when used in a bouquet, especially a wedding bouquet.

Named after the Greek word for beautiful, it certainly lives up to its name. This specie of flower symbolises faithfulness, rebirth and resurrection and is shaped a little like a trumpet.

black flowers
source: rebloggy.com


The majority of Hellebore species are pink or white. However, the rare form is a deep purple.

Although lovely to look at, this black flower is very poisonous – which only adds to its intrigue.

This perennial plant, which blooms in early spring, can be easily grown in containers, in both part and full sun.

black flowers
source: gardenofeaden.blogspot.com

Bat Orchid

This interesting breed of black flower bares a close resemblance to a bat in flight. It’s a deep shade of brown and to the untrained eye, looks ebony black.

This specie is a member of the orchid family. It’s also often referred to as the ‘Devil Flower’ or the ‘Cat’s Whiskers’.

Asides from its distinctive appearance, some scientists also believe this flower to have cancer-fighting properties.

black flowers
source: pinterest

Black Pansy

Although pansies are one of the more common garden flowers, a unique version of this specie also exists – the black pansy.

This beautiful flower boasts a deep purple, velvety shade. It’s this wonderful inky shade that adds an instant twist to an otherwise traditional flowerbed.

black flowers
source: plantsofdistinction.co.uk

Black Dahlia

Even though this beautiful black bloom looks to be as dark as the night, it’s in fact a very dark shade of red.

It’s an extremely mysterious looking flower and one that only became renowned when the film ‘Black Dahlia’ was released in 2006.

black flowers
source: pinterest

Black Petunia

It was only in 2010 that these black flowers were created.

The Purple Petunia comes in a shade that is almost black (Black Velvet Petunia), due to a formula perfected by horticulturists.

black flowers
source: dailymail.co.uk

Chocolate Cosmos

This beautiful maroon bloom is native to Mexico.

Not only does it share the same hue as the sweet treat, it also has a chocolate-like scent!

black flowers
source: dobbies.com

Viola ‘Molly Sanderson’

These particular species of black flower can be grown in both the garden and in a container – making them suitable for the outdoors and indoors.

They start to bloom in the spring and perfectly complement the likes of multi-coloured pansies and yellow primroses.

black flowers
source: borderalpines.co.uk

Black Baccara Rose

This stunning tea rose adds a dramatic look to any bouquet, vase or garden.

Because of this reason, it’s one of the most loved black flowers on the market. Asides from its attractive appearance, it also boasts a very appealing fragrance.

The flowers are complemented by pretty green-reddish foliage and the blooms themselves actually appear darker in cooler weather.

black flowers
source: vanmeuwen.com

Physocarpus Opulifolius ‘Diabolo’ syn. ‘Monlo’

The name of these flowers is somewhat of a mouthful. However, despite this, they’re extremely easy to grow and are very low maintenance.

They boast white flowers and deep purple foliage.

black flowers
source: leavesnbloom.com

Iris ‘Before the Storm’

The Iris is a flower that is obtainable in almost every colour imaginable, including a deep shade of purple-black.

This sweet scented flower thrives in sunlight and enjoys well-drained soil in order to flourish.

black flowers
source: wiki.irises.org

Black Widow Cranesbill Geranium

This black flower also goes by the name of ‘the mourning widow’ or the ‘dusky cranesbill’.

It boasts a rich, dark colour and thrives in shady, damp areas.

It’s native to western and southern Europe. The petals are pointed and have crinkly edges, whilst the leaves are splattered with a brown hue.

black flowers
source: Pinterest

Chocolate Lily

Despite a somewhat distasteful scent, these black flowers look extremely impressive.

Unfortunately, flies pollinate these blooms – which makes them a little less appealing.

black flowers
source: wildnatureimages.com

Black Hollyhock

Most are fooled by the Black Hollyhock’s deep purple-blue petals, which to the untrained eye appear a deep shade of black. The petals often boast a vivid hint of red, which only adds to their beauty. It’s an ideal specie to plant close to a wall or at the back of a border, and one that will add instant glamour to an otherwise subtle garden.

These black flowers are able to thrive in an array of climates.

black flowers
source: seagreenandsapphire.wordpress.com

In addition to the Black Hollyhock, the Hollyhock ‘Nigra’ is another exceptionally beautiful black flower. This unique specie boasts pretty chocolate-hued flowers with almost black centres that thrive in both cool and warm climates – making them a perfect addition to the garden and the home.

While many of the ‘black’ flowers are actually not black at all, they can still provide stunning enhancements to a bouquet, floral arrangement or even vase display.

Sources:  MNN and Birds and Blooms

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