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Birthday Wishes – Written by Kids

Birthday wishes are not only limited to teenagers and adults. Everyone can be a well-wisher. That said, children have been known to possess originality, wit, and creativity unparalleled by adults. You want to see what it looks like when 6-year-old children wish someone a happy birthday?
Read on.

To my mum

“Dear Mum,
happy birthday! Thank you for being such a great mum. You are good. Papa is sitting here and helping me write this and correct my mistakes. There are a lot of mistakes. I wanted to spell ‘mistekkes’ like this. He wouldn’t let me.

I can safely say that you are the best mother there is in the whole world. Everyone says that, but with you it’s true. You cook well. Your mashed banana with rice is unparalleled (Papa made me use this word). You have a nice voice as well. The bedtime stories you read to me are the greatest bedtime stories in the world. I especially liked that one about the man who had his portrait done, and then the portrait got old instead of him.

The way you carry me around sometimes when my feet get tired is quite regal (again, Papa). Oh, how expertly you cross one arm under me and the other across my chest to ensure my maximum comfort! My dear mother. I also understand you carried me around in your stomach for 9 months. That doesn’t sound pleasant. But thank you. If you’ll ever need it, I’ll carry you around for 9 months as well.

Whatever birthday wishes you may have, Papa and I will fulfil them for you.

I love you.”

To my dad

“Dear Dad,
happy birthday!!! I know you are sitting right by me while I’m writing this, so this card won’t be as great of a surprise as it may have been, but ok.

Mom is the best mother in the world. That makes you the best father. I like your hair. It’s very nice and smells good, although for some reason a bit of it is missing on the top of your head. Also, I think it’s changing from brown to silver. Is that what happens when you become old and wise, like that one wizard in the picture book?

Every day you leave the house before I am even awake, and you come back when I’m ready for bed. I don’t understand why the people at your ‘work’ can’t let you go home earlier. But it is necessary if we want food and water and if we want to visit our grandma and grandpa in Leeds. I like your mother and father the best. They are happy to see me and they give me lots and lots of cookies. You know how I like to go see the trains with grandpa.

You and mother never fight. That’s nice. As Tommy’s parents say ‘It means he must be a good man.’ I’ve seen and heard Tommy’s parents fight upstairs when we’re there, though. She calls him a (–) and he calls her a (–). You told me to erase this. Ok.
I love you dad. I like your birthdays.

You often look very tired. It is nice to see you happy.”

To my sister

“Hello sister,
happy birthday. Out of all the people I had to say ‘happy birthday‘ to, you are the most anuying.

I love you, you are my sister, when I am mad at you they tell me we are family and that it’s normal, but you sometimes make my life miserrebul.

You steal my toys and you sometimes eat my black-and-white puddings. I don’t understand how that’s supos to be normal behaviour when we are family. I never stole your pudding.

Ok, just that once, but I was hungry. You also scream at me and then mother screams at us and father screams at mother. That is not very nice.

I am happy that you are 9 years old now. That is three more than me. But I’ll catch up with you, don’t you worry. Today is your day, mother said. I am not to make you angry today. Will you promise not to make me angry too? And will you please not invite Janie to your party. She always pinches me on the cheeks and I hate it.

Father told me that because I spoke poorly of my sister and said she was anauyin he let me spell some words rong. But I can’t correct them because I don’t know how to spell. He says it’s a Catch 22. I don’t know what that means.”

To my grandfather

“Dearest grandpa,
I wish you the happiest birthday. I am so happy that you are my grandfather, and not someone else.

I love it when you take me to see the trains. We haven’t been in a while but that’s only because we haven’t been to visit since the summer. Can we go see the trains again when we come to Leeds?
You and grandma are such nice people. You scream at each other all the time, but Papa told me they are screams of love.

And I somehow feel that too, you know, that even though you curse grandma and always criticise what she’s doing, that you love her very, very much.
I guess you have to scream at someone when you spend so much time with them every day for so long. Papa tells me you have been married for 40 years. That sounds like a lot to me, because I’m only 6.

I can read and count very well. I tried counting to 40 yesterday late at night but I got confused and stopped. Then I fell asleep.
I love you grandpa. I can’t wait to see you. Kiss grandma for me! Bye!”

To my friend

“Dear Friend,
I am sending you my best birthday wishes for your 6th birthday! I am not jealous at all that you got the new BMX bicycle.

I just don’t really think that it’s a good bike. My father is helping me write this card and he is laughing. He says I am jealous. I’m really not. He also says he’ll get me a bike just like that if my first ten grades are A’s when we start school.

I like you because you are a good friend and have a really nice basketball. You can also jump very high and are not afraid to sneak into Mrs. Abramson’s back yard. Father is now cross with me. He says we shouldn’t jump Mrs. Abramson’s fence. We won’t, right?

I hope your day is happy and that you get many presents. Be careful with that bike, it is a health hazard. I am not sure if you like trains, I never asked. I love trains. If you want we could take you up to Leeds with us when we visit my grandpa and grandma, and go check out the trains.

Come to my house on Saturday. My mom raked the garden. We’ll jump in the leaves and say inappropriate things to adults.”

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