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Best Exotic Flowers for Modern Bouquets


Although there are few things more timeless than a beautiful bunch of flowers, even the classics inevitably need a bit of updating every once in a while.

Although you don’t want to meddle with too much of a good thing – a few well-chosen exotic flowers can really bring a modern bouquet to life. By adding some exotic to a relatively traditional bouquet will result in a stunning bunch of flowers that will blow your loved one away.


Also known as ‘The bird of paradise flower’ thanks to its unique shape and stunning colours, these eye-catching blooms are the perfect choice for architectural bouquets and exotic arrangements.

With bright yellow or orange petals enhanced by bright blue spurs, evergreen leaves and sharp, clean edges, these striking blooms will instantly transform your bouquet.


A favorite in homes up and down the country: the simple, elegant beauty of orchids makes them perfect for use in contemporary arrangements. With colors ranging from white and yellow to purple and blue and everything in between, they’ll make a great addition to your bouquet.

For the best results, use orchids by themselves or combine them with simple, architectural foliage to create a stunning display.

Calla lilies

Native to southern Africa, these beautiful blooms are generally white in colour, though yellow, pink, purple and orange are also readily available. With a trumpet shape and straight, slender stem, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking to create an elegant and effective bouquet.


With bright, vibrant petals in eye-catching geometric arrangements, these stunning flowers make great centerpieces in modern bouquets. Generally yellow, red or orange in colour, their petals have an elegant triangular shape that’s perfect for adding an extra bit of visual detailing to your bouquet. Native to the tropical Americas and some Pacific Islands, these contemporary blooms are pretty much as exotic as you can get.

As some exotic flowers need a little extra care, it’s important that you do a bit of research before ordering your bouquet. SerenataFlowers.com can provide you with any advice you may need.

However, with a little bit of thought and careful arrangement, these tantalizing flowers could create the most beautiful, exciting and visually stunning bunch of flowers you have ever laid your eyes on.

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