7 Low Light Plants for any Room in the House

Low light plants are often thought of as dull, boring species.

This is far from the case however, with some of the brightest, most colourful and easy-to-care for indoor plants thriving in low-light conditions.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

1. Pothos

Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) boasts the ability to thrive in any room in the household, so its one of the best low light plants, providing it is kept out of full sun and watered only when the soil feels dry. This maintenance-free vining plant can be trained to fall over the edge of a hanging basket or grow on a trellis. It’s available in a number of colours and bicolours, some of which include white-and-green, dark green, yellow-and-green, spotted silver and chartreuse.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

2. Parlor Palm

This particular species of low light plants was hugely popular in the Victorian era and also goes by the name ‘Chamaedorea Elegans’. Originating from Mexico, this bold plant grows extremely well in low-light situations and can reach up to four feet in height. Parlor palms should only be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch, although many will mist the leaves in-between watering the plants during the winter months.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house


3. ZZ Plant

If you wish to brighten up a dark corner in the house or office, the ZZ plant is a great investment from a variety of low light plants and one that can withstand both dark corners and even neglect. Also known as ‘Zamioculcas Zamiifolia’, this African native flourishes in fluorescent light too. It’s a great option for those who travel often as it’s able to withstand dry conditions and only requires water when the top inch of soil appears dry.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

4. Boston Fern

Discovered in the late 1800’s, Boston ferns are popular low-light plants and are often used to decorate stylish homes. Nephrolepis Exaltata boasts vivid green, arching fronds that are perfectly suited to urns or baskets. If you can, try to place them away from cold drafts or heat ducts and water when the soil starts to appear dry. Throughout the winter, to minimise leaf drop, it’s important to mist the leaves often.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

5. Red Aglaonema

The red Aglaonema has played a huge part in interior design over the past few years and as such, it’s one of the most popular plants to date. Boasting an array of impressive red, pink and green leaves, this is one low light plant guaranteed to brighten even the dullest of rooms. This specie can also survive in dry soil, which makes it a great option for the preoccupied gardener. Formerly titled the Chinese evergreen, this is one specie that is almost failsafe.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

6. Peace Lily

Just as the name suggest, this specie is as easy to look after, as it is elegant. This low-light houseplant brandishes shiny green foliage and pure flower spaths, which sit upon tall, beautiful stems. It’s aesthetically pleasing both in and out of bloom and is often referred to by its botanic name – Spathiphyllum. The Peace Lily can grow an impressive 18-36 inches in height and is an ideal choice for those looking for a moderately undemanding houseplant.

7 low light plants for any room in the house

7. English Ivy

Ideal for both hanging baskets and urns, the English ivy’s bright foliage promises to brighten a dull room. It’s available in a variety of colours and shapes and thrives in low light. For best results, place this plant on a cool, north-facing windowsill. Mist the plant often to avoid an attack of spider mites.

7 Low Light Plants for any room in the house

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