7 Most Common Myths about Flowers

Flowers add color and fragrance to the home and are a great gift to give a special somebody on a special occasion. Given the popularity of flowers for these purposes, there is also lots of advice out there on how to pick and keep your colorful blooms in tip-top condition. Whilst the majority of this advice comes in handy, certain information isn’t always true. Thankfully, when it comes to separating floral fact from fiction, we’re here to help…

1. ‘Sugar keeps your flowers fresh’

Cut flowers, although they look aesthetically pleasing, won’t last forever. Even with the best care, they will wilt eventually. There are a number of tips available online, in books and passed down through the generations, however many that you can find won’t actually work! Suggestions for keeping your flowers fresh include watering them regularly, ensuring the water in the vase is fresh and adding an ample dose of plant food to the water. Adding a spoonful of sugar to the water is also a frequently offered piece of advice. On one hand, this isn’t as absurd as it sounds, as adding sugar to the vase will offer the blooms nutrients, but it will also encourage bacterial growth. This unwanted flora can speed up the demise of your floral arrangement, meaning they won’t last nearly as long as they should. You should, therefore, be very careful when adding extra sugar to your vase, as too much could have a detrimental effect.

2. ‘Don’t sleep with flowers in your bedroom’

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen during the day. At night, it’s actually an entirely different story. This is where the myth “don’t sleep with flowers in your bedroom” comes from. It suggests beautiful blooms steal your oxygen while you sleep. This is far from the truth, as flowers spend so much of the day giving off oxygen, and they reabsorb during the night won’t be missed. This is great news for those wishing to brighten their bedrooms up with a bouquet or two of their favorite blooms.

3. ‘Flowers are the allergy sufferer’s worst enemy’

Just because you suffer from hay fever doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a lifetime of fake flowers. Not many are aware that the cause of itchy eyes and sneezing is most likely from pollen from a tree and not freshly cut blooms. On top of this, there is a wide selection of allergy-friendly flowers to choose from, all of which come in a rainbow of different hues, scents, shapes, and sizes. These include geraniums, lilies, and hydrangeas. Serenata Flowers offer an assortment of bouquets containing these particular flowers, many of which are available for next day delivery.

4. ‘The seasons do not matter’

Wedding planners everywhere should know that the idea that ‘seasons do not matter’ is a myth. Even though the majority of items are available at the touch of a button, especially from online florists, this doesn’t always mean that a bunch of spring flowers will be available for your mid-January wedding. It’s therefore important to discuss flower options prior to setting your mind (and your entire color scheme) on a certain flower.

5. Pets and plants don’t mix

This myth suggests all blooms are bad for your pets. Those who enjoy injecting color into their homes with a bouquet will be pleased to learn this is a myth. There are most definitely some flowers that are harmful to animals (and humans for that matter), but certainly not all. There are a number of pet-friendly flowers to choose from, including roses, orchids, and African daisies, so providing you do your research, you can continue to add color to your interior space with flowers that allow for healthy pets and beautiful bouquets. If you’re still worried, simply place your vase in an area your pet can’t reach or in a room that he or she doesn’t enter. Serenata Flowers offer a range of bouquets, which contain an assortment of different blooms, meaning there is a style of flower to suit all tastes…even that of your pets!

6. ‘Roses are a must for a romantic bouquet’

It’s a common misconception, especially among those preparing for a wedding, that roses are an absolute must for a romantic bouquet. While they do look exceptional when used for this purpose as a bridal bouquet, it’s important to recognize that roses will not be too everyone’s tastes and that it is perfectly acceptable to use other types of bloom instead. Dahlias can provide an abundance of color, as can tulips or ranunculus. When it comes to romance, pick the flowers that represent how you feel and don’t feel you have to conform to stereotypes. Serenata Flowers has an array of romantic bouquets, many of which can be delivered the next day.

7. ‘Cactus does not need water’

Like all living things, cacti do in fact need water to survive. They are certainly able to tolerate little water, given the areas they’re native to and due to their highly modified leaves, but they still need some in order to survive. Asides from deterring animals, their spines also help to reduce water loss by restricting airflow close to the cactus. As a general rule, you should water your cactus when the top half-inch of soil looks and feels dry to the touch. When adding water, moisten the soil fully, allowing it to soak up the liquid, and if it does so speedily, add a little more water until it flows from the drainage holes. Most cacti need to be watered at least once a week.


Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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