5 Tips of Flower Etiquette

When it comes to sending a simple, yet thoughtful gift, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers.

The act of sending or gifting flowers can brighten a day, make someone feel better, or even express your sympathy or love. Sending flowers might seem as if it is just a simple act, but there are times when gifting flowers can be potentially embarrassing or improper.

Here are five etiquette tips that will help prevent any potential awkward flower sending/giving moments.

1. First dates and wrong impressions.

First dates can be awkward enough without adding an embarrassing flower incident. Some flowers represent love, while others represent friendship. Make sure that the flower you give is a neutral flower that will not embarrass your date. You don’t want to start a date off with a flower that says friends only. 

2. Gifts to the workplace.

Sending flowers to the workplace can be a great way to say “I’m thinking of you,” but it can be a potential breach of etiquette. Some people might be embarrassed by receiving such a gift at work. Always consider the person you are sending the flowers to and their possible reaction.

3. Mismatched outfits and corsages.

Always check with the person receiving the corsage to see what color their outfit will be. You wouldn’t want to gift a light pink flower with a neon green dress. Also consider the size of the corsage. Try not to make it too large or small. Make sure the size of the corsage is balanced to your date.

4. Unwanted sympathy flowers.

During times of bereavement, sending flowers is a popular way to express sympathy, but there is also a potential for an awkward moment. Some families would prefer the money to be sent to a selected charity or cause instead of spent on flowers. If you are considering sending flowers to the funeral home, check to make sure the flowers are wanted by the family. This will avoid any breach of flower etiquette.

5. Hospital rules and get well baskets.

The lovely scents and bright colors of get well baskets can really brighten the day of someone that isn’t feeling well. However, some hospitals may have rules against what type of flowers can be accepted, restrictions on container types, or even if flowers are allowed at all. Check with the hospital before sending a get well basket.
By following some of these etiquette tips you’ll lessen your chances of running into an embarrassing or awkward situation regarding your gift of flowers.

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