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5 Tips for Buying Hampers Online

Want to give someone the perfect gift but can’t decide which of their favourite things to get them? Why not go the whole-hog with a hamper?

They’re the ultimate way to spoil that someone special and with our five tips to buying them online, you can guarantee big smiles from the recipient.

1. Know your recipient!

Everyone likes food and drink but not everyone will like the contents of every hamper. The trick is to know what the recipient really likes and then find a hamper that matches these tastes.

If they have a sweet tooth then focus on chocolates and sugary snacks, if they’re a wine connoisseur then opt for the traditional vino and cheese board hamper or if they like things a little spicier then look for a selection of hot and tasty condiments and nibbles.

For ale lovers there are hampers full of interesting brews, not to mention traditional tea-time selections for ladies who like to lunch.

Whatever their preferences, you’re bound to found the perfect option if you look for it. Don’t just buy the first hamper you see, browse the full range and ask yourself “will the recipient enjoy everything that’s in here?”

If the answer is no, then you haven’t found the perfect hamper.

2. Remember the basket

The contents are arguably the most important feature of your hamper but you also need to spare a thought for the presentation as this is what really sets a gift apart.

When buying a hamper, you’ll notice a few different styles of basket around. The most common is the traditional picnic basket style with woven wicker material but there are other things you can try. Wooden carry baskets, complete with handles, make a great alternative and can even be painted to add a burst of colour.

With a stunning basket to hold their goodies, your recipient will effectively be getting two gifts in one and can use their basket to hold other items once emptied of all their treats.

3. Never panic buy

“Marry in haste; repent in leisure” – the same applies to hamper buying! If you leave it until the last minute to buy a hamper online then you’re bound to encounter problems and be limited on choice.

Do yourself, and your recipient, a favor and start your search as far in advance as you can. Picking the first basket of chocolates you see is unlikely to prompt the same reaction as handing over a thoughtful and personalized hamper full of special treats and you should want your special someone to truly love their gift.

After all, if a job is worth doing …

4. Check the delivery dates

You’ve picked the perfect hamper and started your search early enough to ensure you find the perfect gift, but will it get there on time?

It may sound obvious but failing to check to delivery dates and times is a common error made by those ordering online. It can be easy to assume anything bought online can be deliverable within a day or two and while this is true in some cases there are other factors to consider.

For example, the specific ingredients and contents found in your chosen hamper may be out of stock or only partially available. If you’ve selected a specialist to hamper with lots of fancy products – possibly that even come from abroad – then you may need to wait to have them ordered in.

Check the delivery times well in advance and make sure you place your order with plenty of time. You can always order now for a later delivery so you don’t need to worry about being premature.

5. Don’t neglect the occasion

When buying a hamper it is all too easy to focus on the recipient and the contents and forget about the occasion. Birthdays, Christmases, new parenthood and congratulation hampers are all popular gift ideas and each can contain their own special things to represent the occasion.

Here are a few ideas you might want to bear in mind when choosing hampers for specific occasions:

  • Birthday: add a balloon or teddy to the hamper to really mark the occasion. If it’s a milestone birthday then go all out with numbered balloons or commemorative teddies
  • Christmas Hampers: add a traditional winter plant like a Christmas cactus or Poinsettia to add some extra festive cheer to your gift. Tinsel, baubles and beaded string work well for added decoration as do pine cones, glitter and potpourri
  • New parents: the perfect gift for new mums and dads, a new baby hamper gives parents a much-needed boost and can contain treats for him and for her. Combine with a bouquet of flowers in either pink or blue and maybe throw in a little teddy or something cute like a pair of booties for the newborn
  • Congratulations: for a general congratulations hamper, champagne is the obvious inclusion but there are other options. Add prosecco for something a little different and some stunning glasses or flutes to drink it from. Chocolate covered strawberries and other indulgent treats will also help your hamper stand out and you could even pop in a gift card to the recipient’s favourite shop if you’re feeling extra generous

With these tips in mind, buying a hamper online should become a doddle. The only problem is you might find you’re tempted to buy one for yourself. Well, if you left the card anonymous then who would know?

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