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5 Reasons to Send Flowers in January

You might be thinking that after all the expense and excitement of Christmas, January isn’t prime time for sending flowers.

Read on and you’ll realize that’s not the case:

1. Everyone needs cheering up

The post-festive slump affects us all.

The nights are long and without the glow of the Christmas lights and the prospect of the presents under the tree to keep our spirits up, January is quite frankly just a bit gloomy.

A bunch of flowers is a guaranteed way to brighten someone’s day … so do your good deed by picking a great bouquet!

2. Gift giving isn’t just for Christmas

There’s no reason for Christmas to get all the fun.

We should spread out the joy of gift-giving into other times of the year and why not start with January? The element of surprise will make it all the more worthwhile.

3. There are some amazing flowers in season during January

Don’t let all the beautiful varieties of flowers busy showing off this month go to waste.

Look out for ranunculus with their masses of tissue-paper thin petals, the glamorous alstroemeria, fully loaded dahlias and elegant tulips in every shade.

Roses are also around at this time of year, as is the lillium stargazer – a bright pink and white lily.

Go out of the ordinary with kangaroo paw, an unusual Australian native with peculiar green and red flowering heads, or some fiery snapdragons with dragon-like heads whose mouths open when squeezed.

4. Fill the void left by Christmas decorations

We get quite accustomed to being surrounded by decorations, and when the time comes to bring them down, everything feels a bit empty. Get in touch with your sympathetic side and make the return to normal less traumatic for someone by sending them some cheery flowers.

They’ll appreciate having something pretty to slot in where their giant Father Christmas figurine once stood.

5. Say an extra special thank you

Let someone know how grateful you really were to receive their gift by sending a bouquet. If they made you happy, show them how you feel and return the favor. Maybe you spent Christmas day regretting not putting more thought into their present; now’s the time to make up for it with a floral gift.

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