5 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Believe it or not there are absolutely hundreds of herbs and flowers that have medicinal properties and which have benefited human health for centuries.

Whether you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory, pain relief or something anti-septic, there is no doubt that there is a plant out there that can give it to you.

So, put down your tablets and pain killers and read our top five most powerful medicinal plants in the world; guaranteed to help you with any problem you have.

1. Californian Poppy

Poppy extracts have traditionally been used to relax smooth muscle tone making them extremely useful during the treatment of abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Poppy seed oil has also been used during chemotherapy for many years and is a large ingredient of morphine used to cure pain.

However, the poppy is perhaps more known for its relationship with opium which was used by many famous poets such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Charles Dickens many, many years ago.

This drug – as it was originally known – was thought to create a relaxing feeling while also enhancing the colours of the outside world.

Today, the Californian Poppy in particular is used to remedy toothaches, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. Children can also benefit from this flower when suffering from colic or sleeplessness.

2. Tansy

Only the part of tansy that grows above ground is used for medicinal purposes as the parts that grow beneath are poisonous. This plant has been used over the years to treat conditions such as migraines, nerve pain, joint pain and heart conditions but it can also be used to treat threadworm and roundworm in children.

The plant has also been used – alongside other ingredients – for the following health problems: Seizures, Cold/fevers, Hysteria, Gout, Kidney failure, Lice/bacteria, Sweating, Scabies, Itching caused from insects.

Alongside these health benefits, tansy is famously known for its ability to act as an insect repellent. Simply rub its petals on your skin and stay free from pests.

One thing that is important to remember is that tansy should never be used when alcohol has been consumed as it can lead to drowsiness.

3. Sage

Of all the herbs in the world, sage is the one most known for its medicinal properties.

Not just useful for cooking, this herb is a vital ingredient in medications for mouth sores and ulcers. Sage is also used in teas to help those suffering from the symptoms of sore throats or chests.

The plant also boasts the ability to decrease blood sugar for those suffering from diabetes. After consuming the herb, you will usually feel calm, content and relaxed which is another reason why it is so popular within medicine.

As well ingesting sage via medicines and teas you can also cook with it to benefit from its healing properties.

Use as seasoning in a variety of dishes including the traditional Sunday roast and give your body a little boost.

4. Red Clover

Red clover has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries and is often added to creams and balms to reduce irritation and the pain or discomfort experienced from skin allergies such as eczema and psoriasis.

This plant can also be used to aid the pain of burns and sores as well as in the prevention of skin cancer.

Its pain-relieving properties are largely caused by the presence of its anti-inflammatory compounds but the plant was also known for many years as a “blood purifier” – especially for the treatment of cancer.

Regardless of the validity of the claims that it “purifies” blood, this plant is a good blood thinner.

This is due to the concentration of coumarin found within the blossoms of the plant and means those already taking blood thinning medication should steer clear of it.


5. Winter Savory

Usually grown from the seed which requires very little care or attention, the winter savory is well known for its medicinal purposes. This plant is native to the Mediterranean where it is commonly known as the “bean herb” due to its ability to prevent flatulence.

This plant is also used to reduce the pain caused from bee or wasp stings and can be used by simply rubbing it onto the skin.

It can also be added to recipes to enhance their flavor and offer medicinal benefits. It should be noted that the taste is quite peppery.

So, now you know what plants and herbs can help you feel better and treat pains or ailments, you can find ways to give your body a boost without automatically turning to the hard stuff. While you should always speak to a doctor about any health concerns or problems, there is no reason why natural remedies such as these five plants can’t form part of your treatment plan.

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