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5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants

mosquito-repelling-plants-ftWhether you’re partaking in a little gardening or simply lounging under the sun trying to catch some rays, there is nothing that disturbs your calm and serenity faster than mosquitoes!

There really is nothing worse than hearing that awful buzzing around your head or seeing a blurry dark cloud hovering over your ice-cold drink. And with the long-awaited summer months finally here, it’s time we did something about these pesky insects that ruin everyone’s fun.

To help you win the war in your back garden, we’ve listed five of the best mosquito-repelling plants.

They’re all pretty easy to grow too which means there’s no excuse for an infestation.

1. Lemon Balm AKA Horsemint

Lemon Balm – which is also well known as Horsemint due to its strong smell – has the ability to keep mosquitoes as far away from you as possible. It doesn’t scare off butterflies or birds though so you can still enjoy those sweet treats from nature!

In order to grow this plant, you must ensure you have sufficient light and a temperature of at least 20°C in order to germinate the seeds. During the winter months you’ll notice that the stems die off, but there’s no need to panic as they tend to shoot back up during spring.

It’s also important to note that while Lemon Balm is beautiful and extremely useful when it comes to mosquitoes, it does grow vigorously and shouldn’t be planted where it can spread into other plants.

2. Marigolds

Marigolds aren’t don’t just make your garden look sensational. They’re also fantastic mosquito repellents and keep other pesky bugs and insects at bay too.

To ensure they work well as mosquito repellents, all you need to do is place them in a pot – choosing your very favorite colour blooms of course – and then place them on your patio to ensure they don’t just function to keep your garden safe and happy but also look great too.

You should also add smaller marigolds around the edge of your flower beds to provide a boundary to discourage any mosquitoes from disrupting your beautiful garden and it is recommended that you plant them near windows and doorways to keep insects out of your home.


3. Catnip

The medicinal herb catnip is actually the best plant to repel mosquitoes. While cats love them, they are a mosquito’s worst nightmare and the oil the plant creates is said to be 10 times stronger than the normal “DEET” which is often put into most commercial insect repellents.

To plant your very own catnip, simply purchase a starter pack of seeds from your local gardening centre and plant in your garden where the sun can reach them easily.

If you have a cat, it’s vital that you ensure he stays away from the plant until it’s fully grown. As catnip often spreads wildly you should ensure it isn’t planted near your other blooms too.


4. Basil

If you would like to keep your mosquito pests away naturally, simply get your garden some pots of basil and you’ll be sorted.

Basil belongs to a family of the powerful, pungent herbs that are perfect for keeping bugs at bay and to grow it at home all you need to remember is it needs warmth. It’s therefore best to start it off inside or to only begin growing it during the hot summer months.

To grow, simply plant your seeds into designated pots and be sure to water regularly to keep the soil as moist as possible. Once the seeds begin to sprout you can move the pots outside and watch your basil win the war against mosquitoes.


5. Rosemary

Another great herb that is wonderful at keeping mosquitoes away is rosemary. This simple herb comes with a gorgeous woody smell which makes it a popular garden addition even before its pest-repelling properties are taken into account.

To grow this herb it is recommended that you use herb cuttings rather than seeds. You can get these from your local nursery or garden centre and simply place them in a plant pot with some sand and peat moss. Leave in a sunny part of the garden, water regularly and watch it sprout.

Once grown, you can watch as mosquitos steer clear of your home and also gain immediate access to some tasty seasoning for your lamb roasts.


So there you have it – five quick and easy to grow mosquito-repelling plants that your garden should never be without. Sweet smelling, bright and functional; these are garden plants at their best!

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