Best Gifts for 4th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional gifts for the fourth year of marriage include both flowers and fruit, however, there are a number of contemporary gift ideas to choose from too.

These include accessories, appliances, and linen boasting hints of blue topaz.

Whether it’s your own 4th wedding anniversary or if you’re celebrating a friend or family member’s special day, knowing what to buy your nearest and dearest can be a tricky decision.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite options, all of which are guaranteed to inspire…

Fruit and Flowers

If you have chosen to opt for tradition, look no further than fruit and flower-inspired 4th wedding anniversary gifts. From fruit selections to colorful bouquets, there are an endless array of options to pick from.

Gold Pineapple

Pineapples are trending this season, and stylish gold pineapple decor makes for an ideal anniversary gift. It offers a contemporary spin on traditional 4th wedding anniversary fruit-inspired presents and is the ideal option for those who enjoy something quirky in style.

Name a Rose

Flowers are often gifted to those celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary, as they are said to represent how much your relationship has blossomed. Why not go that one step further and name a Rose after your loved one. A number of companies allow you to do this, with the gifted being granted an official document and a pack of seeds that allows them to grow their very own gorgeous roses in their garden. Whether you name it after your partner or something that means something to you both, this is a thoughtful and unique gift to give.

Apple Tree

The gift of fruit, similar to flowers, represents how much your marriage has developed and grown by the fourth year. An apple tree, when cared for correctly, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Scented Candle

Fill the home you share with your loved one with an assortment of lovely scents by gifting your nearest and dearest with a scented candle. A large candle jar makes the sweetest of anniversary presents. Opt for a floral scent to ensure you pay homage to the 4th wedding anniversary theme.

Floral Inspired Jewellery

Jewelry is adored by almost all! If gifting your wife this anniversary, choose pieces inspired by floral elements and hints of blue topaz, portrayed in Roman mythology for its peace and healing powers.

Floral gifts

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, present your loved one with an orchid. This long-lasting, almost maintenance-free plant makes a wonderful 4th-anniversary present. They’re also available in a wide range of hues, meaning there is one to suit all personas and decors.


Another floral themed gift comes in the shape of a ‘grow your own sunflower kit’. Sunflowers are symbolic of adoration, love, and joy, which makes this present an ideal gift for your 4th wedding anniversary. And of course, it’s lots of fun to grow your own flowers!

Fruit Rack 

For a gift that is both practical and stylish and still relevant to the 4th-anniversary theme, opt for a fruit bowl or rack. Choose a style that matches the decor of those you are gifting.

Fruit Print

From contemporary pineapple prints to traditional paintings of fruit bowls brimming with fruit, a print is a great wedding anniversary gift. You could even go the extra mile and place it in a stylish frame.

Floral Wash Bag 

If you’re on a budget, choose the likes of a floral wash bag for a 4th wedding anniversary gift. There are a number of styles to choose from, many of which boast an assortment of pretty floral designs.

A Bouquet of Flowers 

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous bunch of flowers to make your partner smile, and what better excuse than your 4th wedding anniversary – it’s a tradition after all! You can find a gorgeous range of anniversary flowers online and in florists. You can even team this gift with wine, champagne, a plant or chocolates to make the gift extra special.

Roses and Champagne

For a romantic and luxurious gift, opt for a 4th wedding anniversary gift of a bouquet of pretty roses and a bottle of champagne. Place the champagne in a luxury, satin lined box and for extra pizazz, add a personalized bottle label.

Clematis Plant

For someone who is garden-proud, a clematis plant is a great gift to give. These unique, purple flowers are a good alternative to a traditional bouquet.

Fruit and Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Combine 4th-anniversary traditions with chocolate coated fruit – the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth.  The only issue with this present? It may not last that long!

Floral Bath Bombs

One for those who enjoy being pampered, floral fizzy flower bath bombs will not only help your loved one to relax, but a number of today’s sweet-smelling bombs are embellished with a variety of pressed flowers too. Ideal for sticking to the anniversary theme.

Fruit Coffee Gift Set

Shake up their morning brew with fruit infused coffee. A great gift idea for those who need a little help waking up in the morning and one that is guaranteed to impress coffee connoisseurs. Push the boat out and team with a coffee machine – appliances are a modern-day gift choice for the 4th wedding anniversary.

Mirror Fruit Bowl

If they need a little help ensuring they get their five a day – a mirrored fruit bowl is an ideal option. This is the perfect gift for those who live in a contemporary abode as it can fit seamlessly alongside modern décor.

Floral Frame

Choose and print one of your favourite memories and place in a beautiful, floral-themed frame. This gorgeous gift is a great present to give to a partner, or alternatively, a good gift for friends and family to gift parents and loved ones.

We hope we’ve managed to provide you with some inspiration for a 4th wedding anniversary, and all that’s left to say is congratulations!


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