20 Houseplants that are Almost Impossible to Kill

Long-lasting flowers and plants that can handle a little neglect are a great option for those who have busy work and social schedules to contend with. Here we’ve listed 20 houseplants that are almost impossible to kill…

1. String of pearls

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This pretty succulent owes its name to its pearl-like strands, which are the same size and shape as large marbles. The trick to keeping this beauty in tip-top condition is to pot it in well draining soil. Cactus soil, with its sandy consistency, works extremely well.

It’s also important to keep it out of direct sunlight. This specie of plant likes to dry out completely in between watering, it is therefore important to be frugal with the watering can!

2. Golden pothos

This bold and beautiful plant is as durable as it is easy-to-grow. It’s a vine plant that enjoys bright, indirect sunlight and can tolerate high temperatures. If you’re looking for a plant that helps to purify the air, this is one of the best indoor plants you can choose.

3. Peace lily

The peace lily is a long-lasting flower that can survive for many years, yet still requires little maintenance. One of the reasons this plant has a lengthy existence is due to the fact it tells its owner when it requires water.

When the plant’s arms flop, it’s thirsty. Even if the plant looks like it is on the way out, complete with brown leaves and a drooping body, it has a way of coming back to life.

To bring it back from the dead, simply remove all the dead leaves and water well once per week. In just a few weeks, you’re bound to notice fresh foliage.

4. Spider plant

Possibly the strongest and toughest of all indoor plants, the spider plant is extremely forgiving and can withstand long periods of neglect. It is able to tolerate a number of growing conditions and suffers from few ailments. In fact, the one thing that can harm this plant is too much care and too much water, as this can cause root rot.

For best results, allow the spider plant to dry out completely in between watering and place in well-drained soil. This makes it a perfect option for beginner gardeners.

5. Mother-in-law’s tongue

This impressive, sculptural shrub requires little maintenance. Simply water when the soil is dry and uproot and relocate once a year when it has outgrown its pot. Just like the spider plant, it is important to avoid overwatering this specie as you can drown the plant.

When the plant is fully matured, you can propagate it by removing a clump and planting it in a new pot, providing long-lasting flowers for years to come.

6. Echeverias

This succulent is a great desk companion and one that is also extremely hardy. You can take cuttings and propagate it over and over again.

7. Ponytail palm

In recent years, this plant has grown massively in status. Its bulb-like trunk is encased by an abundance of sleek curly leaves and it is able to thrive in almost any condition.

For best results, keep watering to a minimum during the winter months and fertilize once or twice a year to ensure it is content and healthy.

8. Aloe

One of the most prevalent indoor plants, aloe is not only easy to grow, it also boasts an abundance of health benefits including helping with insomnia and air purification.

This hardy and beautiful plant should be cared for in the same way as any cactus plant. Ensure watering is kept to a minimum and always choose a pot with plenty of drainage holes.

9. Ox tongue

This aloe-like succulent boasts an abundance of varieties as it has been crossed many times over the years. It enjoys dryer conditions, as high humidity can result in fungal infections.

Asides from this, it’s a hardy plant that is able to tolerate more shade than the majority of succulents, which makes it an ideal option for the indoors.

10. Zebra haworthia

This slight yet striking plant requires minimal care, as it is able to store water in its leaves. This long-lasting flower can also tolerate full, direct sunlight.

11. Jade plant

This super hardy plant is able to withstand infrequent watering and strong sun. It’s also a lucky plant to have in the home and is often referred to as the lucky tree or money tree.

12. Philodendron

This stunning plant with large, glossy leaves brings a botanical edge to any household. It makes a great focal point and is extremely easy to care for. However, if the leaves turn a shade of yellow, it’s a sign it’s getting too much sunlight.

For best results, only water when the top two to five centimeters of soil are dry.

13. Prayer Plant

Providing you don’t place this plant in direct sunlight, it is another low maintenance, hardy option and one that benefits from an all-purpose fertilizer feed each and every month. This slight upkeep is worth it for those prominent leaves, which have been nicknamed ‘heart eyes’.

14. String of hearts

Another favourite, this delicate vine succulent boasts long, fine strands, which can grow up to several meters in length. The most striking feature of this plant is its pretty heart-shaped leaves. This plant will thrive in the sunniest room in your household.

15. Fiddle leaf fig

One of the hottest trending indoor plants in existence, this low-maintenance shrub requires only a few simple tips to care for it. Keep your fig in a bright room but out of direct sunlight, as too much sun can cause the leaves to turn an unsightly shade of brown and shrivel.

Overwatering is also out of the question. In fact, it’s a long-lasting flower that can go almost all winter without any water.

16. Umbrella plant

This plant can reach a height of several metres but there is also a dwarf variety in existence. It enjoys dryer soil and doesn’t require fertilising, unless you wish to promote growth.

17. Burro tail

Often nicknamed ‘Donkey tail’ this attractive succulent grows happily in a pot but looks especially good when placed in a hanging planter. Keep this plant out of harsh sunlight and you will have to do little else to ensure it grows.

Choose a pot with good drainage, and give it plant food once a year. A healthy Burro tail will showcase an impressive cluster of small reddish flowers.

18. Dracaena

This common indoor plant is easy to care for, yet still boasts impressive spiky tropical foliage. It also helps to purify the air, just another reason to place it in the house.

19. Rubber plant

The botanical name, Ficus elastica, this large indoor plant showcases a series of rich green glossy leaves and is very easy to care for. Simply place the plant in a sunny room out of direct sunlight and water it once or twice a week during the summer months and one to two times a month during the winter.

20. English ivy

Not many know that the English Ivy improves air quality in your home. For best results, plant this evergreen vine in an area that boasts part shade and well-drained soil.


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