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10 Tips for Buying a Gift for a Wine Connoisseur

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with wine. They know just about everything there is to know about each and every bottle out there. From the grape to the fermentation process, they’re down with the lingo and know all the tricks to sniff out a decent bottle for every meal.

Although you appreciate their fine taste in wine, it makes it a nightmare to buy a gift. If you’re not a wine expert yourself, it can be a bit daunting task.

We are here to make it easier for you – we compiled a list of ten practical tips that will guide you through the options and help you with the selection of the perfect gift for any connoisseur!

1. Don’t go for the obvious choice

Any wine connoisseur is likely to have a wide selection of favourite books and plenty of accessories to take their wine tasting experience to the next level. Think out of the box when buying a gift.

2. Spy on what they already have

If your friend has a large wine collection but limited storage space or a few glasses then this could provide inspiration for your gift options.

3.  Needed vs Wanted

Just like buying a set of cutlery or fancy knives for a wife, you need to consider the nature of the gift. Surely, the set of cutlery is very practical and needed, but does it bring much joy to the recipient? It’s much more a gift for the kitchen, rather than a lady! Focus on stuff they want, instead of need, and it will bring them a lot more excitement and joy!

4. What they use most

Try and spark conversations with your friend and discover what they really want and need to make them happy. Could be something they saw in the shop or friend’s house!

5.  Where they keep their wine

Any wine lover will tell you that there are specific rules for wine storing temperatures. While white wine should be chilled, red is best kept at room temperature and this simple fact can help you find the perfect gift for your friend.

If they’re a lover of white wines then consider ice buckets and frosted glasses to keep their favourite tipple cool. If they’re more of a fan of a deep red then look at wine bottle cosies and holders that expose the bottle to warmer temperatures.

6. When they drink wine

Does your friend enjoy a quiet glass on their own then a single wine glass can give them a new favourite vessel to drink from? If they prefer to drink wine while hosting dinner parties then wine glass charms or sets of stunning glasses can go down a treat and give them the perfect accompaniment to their parties.

7.  What they have with their wine

Cheese and crackers are traditional accompaniments to wine but what does your friend enjoy with a glass of the good stuff? Think carefully about the items you’d normally find in wine hampers. UK foods and treats are common inclusions but can include pates and chutneys as well as traditional cheeses.

8. Their favorite wine region

France, Italy, Spain, Africa … use the origin of your friend’s favourite wine as extra inspiration for your present. If you have a big budget then why not organize a wine tasting trip to this region for them? If money is a little tighter then buy little gifts that relate to this country instead. Flags, themed coasters and even books on the area and its wine vineyards can go down well.

9.  What goes with their favorite wine

If you want to go the extra mile for your friend then instead of picking general foods and treats that go with wine pick specific items that match their favourite vintage. Certain cheeses go better with certain wines and you could even stock their hamper with foods to cook up a delicious three-course meal … and then cook it for them!

10. What’s unique for them

Finally, try and think outside of the box and ask yourself what would be a unique gift for your friend. Whether it’s a little trinket like a wine bottle charm for their bracelet or a corkscrew keyring so they’re never caught out, you’re sure to find something they love.

As well as practical gifts, there are also plenty of novelty items you can consider if your friend has a sense of humor.

Give it some thought, take your time and show your wine lover how well you know them.

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