10 Plants to Plant in Autumn & Winter

What flowers should you plant in autumn/winter?

It is that time of year again; shorter days and longer nights.

As we bid farewell to the summer it is important to begin planting the perfect plants and bulbs to carry us through autumn and winter.

For the best look, it is important to do a little forward planning and ensure that the plants you choose can survive the harsh winter weather.

If you are unsure as to which plants will thrive during the cold months, here is a list of the top ten.

1. Crocus

Crocuses are best known for their ability to blossom in the autumn weather. The autumn weather forces their blooms out through the fallen leaves to create a beautiful festival color that will brighten up any garden. It is a good idea to plant these flowers underneath trees as they can be spoilt by heavy rain.

2. Dahlia

The Dahlias are best for working as a border as other plants begin to tire. This plant comes in extremely exotic colors, so works incredibly well to create a colorful theme throughout your garden. Dahlias come in a variety of sizes from dwarf to XXL….so choose wisely.

3. Nerine

The Nerine is the ideal solution to create a dramatic end to a season. These flowers come in cerise pink so will look beautiful on an autumn morning. Despite being found in South Africa, they are extremely hardened to the UK weather.

4. Sternbergia

For the Sternbergia to work well, plant the bulbs throughout rockeries or in large groups for a bigger impact. Surprisingly, these plants enjoy harsh soil and sharp drainage, so they are perfect for UK winters! It is a good idea to plant them in a space where the sun will hit them if it does come out, as this will help them thrive.

5. Cyclamen hederifolium

This is an established autumn flower and looks beautiful. This plant is particularly useful in brightening up a drab garden or shaded area as it injects a large amount of color. With its sugar pink blooms and silver leaves the Cyclamen hederifolium will thrive during the winter and become dormant during the summer.

6. Gladiolus murielae

This is without a doubt the most elegant autumn flower around today. With a beautiful fragrance and long slender stems, it looks beautiful in the garden. Gladiolus murielae thrives most during the autumn months.

7. Begonia

The Begonia is famous for adding bright color to shady patios. These flowers last throughout the summer until November and are perfect for hanging baskets.

8. Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum will brave the winter into early January. They enjoy a damper soil and thrive in moist shade, ideally beneath a tree. These flowers look stunning with snowflakes on.

9. Snowdrop

The Snowdrop is the classic winter bulb, with its beautiful fragrance and stunning looks. The best way to plant the seeds are to scatter them and plant them where they land; this provides a natural look which complements the flower.

10 Winter Aconite

This is one of the happiest plants to have in the winter as they are bright and colorful. These flowers are just like buttercups, but in winter! They love to live in moist soil and shaded areas.

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