10 Myths about Christmas Gifts

While we all wait anxiously for the 25th of December so we can unwrap all of our gifts and find the delights we’ve always wanted; a few of us will find a few unwanted gifts under the tree.

We all have that one relative that gets you the same gift every year because you love it SO much that you couldn’t possibly go without it for another year!

Don’t get your beloved family and friends something they don’t want this year, instead, why not choose a gift you know they will love and cherish for years to come?

From those dreaded knitted jumpers to cutlery sets, we have the biggest Christmas gift myths that everyone experiences at least once in their life.

1.Because we all need socks

While we do indeed wear socks every day, for some reason our relatives think they are an essential Christmas present and purchase them every year for us. And to make things worse, they’re the same ones as the year before!

However, there is one good thing about receiving socks every year: you learn to master the fake smile!

2. The famous knitted jumper

Whether it’s your gran or your aunt, you can guarantee one of the presents under the tree this year will be that dreaded knitted jumper. And hey, if you’re really lucky, it may even be a Christmas one with a reindeer on!

We recommend that you don’t wear that on a date this year…

3. The chocolate cop out

Okay, so we all love chocolate and eat it throughout the year; but do we need it wrapped up? After all, we know what it is just by looking at the shape of the present! Total giveaway!

4. The questionable smellies

We’ve all been subject to opening several presents every year full of a number of shower gels and moisturizers we’ll probably never use because let’s face it, they smell pretty dodgy. And worst of all, we’ve got to try and find room in our bathroom for them!

5. The inevitable calendar

Christmas apparently means for many that it’s the perfect time of year to give a calendar as the ideal present, especially if it has cute little puppies on. Don’t they know we have those on our phones now and they even alert us when we have an appointment?

6. Keyring chaos

Whether it’s a keyring with your name on or a photograph of a kitten, you’re bound to get a keyring from at least one relative this year. Yes, we all have keys, but you know what, we don’t need a keyring every year!

7. A gift card Christmas

Okay, so a gift card isn’t THAT bad, especially as they give us ample opportunity to spend the money on whatever we like. But it’s not all that helpful when we get vouchers for shops that are miles away in obscure places. If relatives insist on giving us gift cards then can’t they give us them for high-street stores?

8. The confusing cutlery set

This gift is difficult to get your head around and even harder to fake a smile while opening it. From time to time we will all receive a wrapped up cutlery set because it was on special offer at the local homeware store.

While we all need cutlery, it’s most definitely a myth that people want this gift for Christmas, so steer clear of it!

9. The famous slippers

Hands up who got a pair of slippers for Christmas last year…

Yes, it’s sad but true, we’re all guilty of either sending or receiving a pair of pink fluffy slippers at Christmas, because hey, that’s exactly what everyone wants as a present, right? Nope.

10. The winter warmers

Yes Christmas is during winter and yes it’s chilly…no we don’t need a hat, gloves, and scarf that we will never wear as a present. Probably one of the most common presents found under the Christmas tree, it’s also one of the least used.

So, the moral is to steer clear of these 10 gifts that we all receive but no one wants – making them 10 of the biggest gift myths out there.

If you don’t know what to get your friends and family this Christmas, why not check out the Christmas gift section at Serenata, or alternatively, simply purchase a few hampers or bunches of flowers; making this year’s festive season even easier.

Make 2015 Christmas the best one yet with a helping hand from Serenata.

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  1. You caught Me! I didn’t see the advert coming, flowers and plants indeed. I would go for the slippers a and chocolates any day.

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