World Teacher’s Day 2019

With World Teacher’s Day on the horizon, now is the time to start considering celebratory plans and gifts. World Teachers Day 2019, also known as International Teachers Day, takes place annually on 5 October. It was first introduced in 1994 to celebrate the ‘teaching in freedom’ movement.

Each year it takes on a different theme – last year’s theme was ‘Engaging Teachers’ and the day looked at what really matters for teaching staff. Meanwhile, a few years ago, World Teachers’ Day honoured the twentieth commemoration of the 1997 UNESCO points regarding the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel.

What is the purpose of World Teachers Day?

The purpose of this event is to acknowledge, evaluate and enhance the instructors of the world. It’s also an opportunity to take a look at the issues surrounding educators and the teaching process, focusing on the areas that don’t quite work and trying to better them.

More about the event

The event has now been marked on 5 October for more than 25 years. The goal of this celebration is still the same today as it was when first introduced; to celebrate the role of educators around the globe. It’s a great way to show our appreciation to those who value the power of education, and also, a good opportunity to evaluate the requirements of teaching, ensuring future students’ needs will be met by educators.

As suggested by UNESCO, World Teachers’ Day points to the mindfulness, gratification, commitment and comprehension shown by educators. It also rejoices the many advancements that have been made in teaching processes over the years.

The Education International (EI) programme insists that World Teachers’ Day is a globally-celebrated date. They also believe that this date ensures certain teaching standards are met, not just in one place, but across the globe.

Today, more than 100 nations rejoice this date across the world. The efforts of Education International and its many associations have enhanced this widely spread acknowledgement in the shape of an open mindfulness campaign.

What you can do to celebrate?

There are many ways to celebrate this day, from lessons surrounding the event to hold a special assembly to pupils gifting their favourite teacher a beautiful bouquet of blooms, a hamper or potted plant for their desk. You may also wish to give your teacher a card with a special message inside – a genuine heartfelt message from an appreciative student is sure to brighten up an educator’s day and makes all the hard work worthwhile.
You can either buy a card or get creative and make your own. Think about a time when your teacher helped you overcome a tricky math equation, a tough geography question or ace an English exam and include that in the message.

Teachers may wish to decorate the classroom with bunting and balloons or put posters up around the school, featuring the date and more information about this annual event. Some schools will host breakfasts complete with cupcakes and flowers centred on the year’s theme too…

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