Silk vs Real Flowers

Flowers are often used to commemorate life’s special moments. They are suited to almost every occasion, from weddings and birthdays to recipes and anniversaries.

However, there is a continuous battle between that of real flowers and silk flowers – which ones are best for which situation?

What flowers are suitable for a wedding?

From floral table arrangements and rose petal confetti to the bride’s bouquet, there are a number of uses for flowers at a wedding. Knowing which arrangements to choose can be a difficult decision.

Of course, what many fail to realize is that a silk flower bouquet can be just as costly as the real deal. Prior to ruling out one or the other, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at both options.

Although silk flowers look the part – especially as many of today’s florists use high-end silks – they lack the texture and scents of real flowers which are there to be enjoyed at that specific moment in time.

That said, silk flowers can last for many years and so are a perfect keepsake from your special day.

In the home

For reasons of authenticity and practicality, in certain scenarios, many will choose silk flowers over real flowers for the home. Such floral arrangements work to brighten interiors that are seldom used such as show homes, shop window displays , and office corridors. They require little maintenance and can be displayed for a lengthy period of time.

A bunch of freshly cut roses, vibrant lilies or perfumed lavender, on the other hand, will not only showcase the same hot hues but will add beauty to various interiors by giving it a refreshing new look and a heavenly scent. As fresh flowers must be replaced on a regular basis, you’ll be able to give your home or office a new look and smell each and every time.

We provide a wide range of real and silk flowers to suit any room in your home and it’s important you consider the full range of both before making your decision.

Mood enhancers

Both the sight and smell of real, fresh flowers is enough to make anyone stop in their tracks. They not only brighten up the mood of a drab space in an instant, but they’re also proven to uplift the atmosphere.

Both fresh and silk flowers can enhance a boring table display, a bare mantlepiece or a dull windowsill. Freshly cut flowers will engage more of your senses but for long-term practicality, silk flowers are ideal.

Enhance your creativity at work

Asides from brightening your mood, flowers are said to enhance creativity. Whether you opt for real flowers or a silk ensemble, you’ll instantly add colour to your home, desk or a shop window.

Placing more extravagant floral displays in a foyer, sitting room or dining room can prompt positive emotions from visitors, creating a relaxed ambiance and a stunning focal point.

Personal preference

Today’s silk flowers are a lot more authentic looking than those of the past – in fact – it’s hard to believe how realistic they are. The most up-to-the-minute high-end floral imitations are so incredibly lifelike and ‘botanically correct’ that many will actually have to touch the petals to confirm whether they’re real or not.

Using genuine silks and lifelike sizes, florists are able to create a number of convincing displays. They haven’t, however, worked out how to make such arrangements smell as good as the real thing.

Not having to replace real flowers once they begin to wilt is a dream come true for many (especially those on a budget) but silk flowers nevertheless lack that freshness, true colour , and idyllic scent. Nothing quite beats a vase brimming with lovely, freshly picked daisies, beautiful bluebells, oversized sunflowers, and radiant roses but it really is all down to personal preference.

Cleaning silk flowers

Although silk flowers tend to last for a great deal of time, they still require maintenance to stay in tiptop condition. Silk flower cleaning sprays, cans of compressed air and wet wipes can all be used to clean these arrangements and if you neglect to clean them then they’ll lose their shine, colour , and vibrancy, with many of the petals and leaves revealing a thin layer of dust.

With real flowers, once they’ve reached their peak and begun to fade it’s simply a case of replacing them with a new batch. The most cleaning you’ll have to do is rinsing out the vase or changing the water.

Those feeling extra creative can even re-use dyeing or dead flowers by turning them into potpourri, pressed flower artwork or preserving them as a bouquet. All of these methods will allow you to prolong the life of freshly bought flowers.

As a present

When sending flowers to a loved one, bouquets of sweet smelling roses, lilies or a potted orchid always make great gifts. A bunch of silk flowers doesn’t quite have the same effect but they can prove more practical when being used as a mark of remembrance at graves, for example. This is because they are more resilient to the weather and will not rot and die if left unattended for too long.

For gift-giving, a silk floral headband, table decoration or botanical centerpiece is a much better idea than a silk bouquet but real flowers or plants may still be preferable.

Real flowers tend to have that extra wow factor and are guaranteed to put a smile on somebody’s face, regardless of the occasion. Serenata stocks a great range of real flowers for any occasion with new products added all the time and also offer a large selection of sensational silk blooms so you’re sure to be able to find just what you’re looking for.

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