Seven Tips for Booking Next Day Flower Delivery

If you’re thinking of booking next day flower delivery, there are several things you’ll need to consider, as we’ve detailed here. You can also use a valid Serenata Flowers promo code to get flowers with a good discount.

7 tips for booking next day flower delivery

1. Ensure you meet the cut-off time

When booking next day flower delivery, it’s always a good idea to check the small print.

Certain companies will only offer this service if you order before a specified time – this is particularly the case if they use an externally sourced delivery company to distribute their goods.

They may request that all customers place orders before 2pm for next day delivery for example – so to avoid disappointment, do your research before placing your order.

If you’re unable to find a cut-off order time, it may be worth emailing the florist or phoning them to double check.

2. Ensure the florist you are ordering from actually offers this service

Not all companies offer a next day delivery service – it’s therefore important never to assume they do.

Certain companies do offer it, but only for particular products, whilst others offer it for all stock, but only if you place your order before lunchtime. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to check the website’s FAQs. This is certainly the case if you intend to order the flowers for an event or as a gift.

For both occasions, it’s likely the flowers will need to arrive by a certain time. Most websites will clearly state they offer next day delivery. Once you are in the final stages of the order process, you should be able to clearly see whether this is the case, as it’s likely you’ll be informed of an expected delivery date and time before you make a payment.

3. Check the company delivers to the area you want to send the flowers to

If sending flowers to the likes of Scotland, Ireland or the Channel Islands, it’s worth calling the florist prior to placing your order.

Even if these countries are listed in the drop-down menu, this may be a generic list set up when the website was created. Even if they do deliver to these places, it’s unlikely they will offer next day delivery as it takes longer for items to reach these destinations from the UK.

They may also charge a slightly higher postal fee. If you need to stick to a budget, this may affect which blooms you choose to buy!

4. Check the flowers you have ordered are in stock and in season

Flowers can go out of stock, especially if it’s the wrong season. If you need to place a larger order for the likes of an event or large party, it’s a good idea to speak to a customer advisor before placing the order.

They may have some of the blooms you wish to purchase in stock, but not an overly massive amount – these are perishable goods after all.

Low stock can affect delivery dates and may also mean you only receive half of your order. You may also be required to pay a larger postal fee – this is worth considering when placing orders for multiple blooms or bouquets.

5. Place your order as early as possible

To avoid disappointment when choosing next day flower delivery, always place your order as early as possible.

It’s likely your order will be processed in the morning if it is placed in the morning. However, if you place your order in the afternoon, you may miss the cut off time for next day delivery, especially if the florist has a backlog of orders to attend too.

If you know which blooms you desire, be the first in line!

6. Leave a delivery note

If the website you are ordering from won’t allow you to pick an exact delivery time, leave a delivery note on your door or add a note to the order at checkout.

This way the delivery driver will know where to leave the flowers if you’re not in when they arrive. This may be with a neighbor, in a foyer or at a work reception desk.

Your address may also be difficult to locate, so if there are any tips you can give the delivery driver, do so at checkout.

For example, there may be a code to enter the main entrance of your building, you may enter the building from a side door rather than the main door or the office block you work in could be home to several companies, so you’ll, therefore, need to pinpoint the exact floor.

7. Check for hidden charges

From gift wrap to gift cards to vessels, vases and plant pots – it’s likely you’ll have the option to add a number of extras to your order at checkout.

This may even include additional gifts – such as a bottle of bubbles to go with the flowers, a box of chocolates or a teddy bear – although all of these ideas will make your bouquet that little more special, they’re only a good idea if you have the budget to buy them.

On another note, bouquets are often available in three different sizes – small, medium and large.

The smallest bouquet will offer the lowest price, whilst the largest will boast a higher price – it’s a good idea to review your final order before checkout to ensure it is exactly what you expect and that no hidden charges have been added. You may have accidentally selected the wrong size – it is, however, your responsibility to review the order and not the florists.

If you keep all of the above in mind when choosing next day flower delivery, the entire process will be a hassle-free, pleasant experience and one that will safeguard you receive the correct order, for the correct price at the correct time.

Once you find a trusted supplier, it’s unlikely you’ll switch to another supplier, providing they offer a consistent service.

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